Ayurveda (आयुवेद’) is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the planet, with roots on the Indian subcontinent. A sister science to yoga, it is both a preventative and healing medical science, which helps each individual move toward a state of total balance. In Ayurveda each person is treated as unique and the relationship between client and practitioner is sacred.

Ayurvedic Consultations

Anjali and Village Life Wellness present a deep and thorough experience through one-on-one consultations, which enables you to look deeply into your life goals, concerns, and patterns, and to apply the science of ayurveda to your daily life. Skype, Facetime,and in-person consultations are offered to find diet and lifestyle plans that fit into the practicalities of your schedule. A variety of suggestions from kinds of yoga, massage, herbs and spices, cooking methods and recipes, morning and evening routines, exercises, artistic expressions, relationships, and cleanses may result from your open sharing. Ayurveda is a qualitative science based on core principles that can be applied to a variety of current modalities. With so much to offer, we are sure to find self care methods that you will enjoy.

Email baltimoreyogavillage@gmail.com to schedule a consultation with Baltimore Yoga Village and Village Life Wellness, founder and directotor, Anjali Sunita.

Want to learn more about how to incorporate ayurveda into daily life? View our courses page for the next ayurvedic seminar.

I am a 44 year old female and have been an educator and learner my entire adult life. I grew up with ayurveda as a form of healing and have had many ayurvedic consultations. Anjali’s offering of ayurvedic wisdom and healing left me feeling restored, realigned and totally reconnected me to my joy in an unparalleled way. I felt healthier in body, mind and spirit. I am so grateful for her healing presence and the simple, yet profound way that her guidance and deep listening helped me heal my chronic asthma issues and other related ailments. I loved that she helped me heal myself through helping me understand the whys of my imbalances and empowered me by giving me the education I needed to do my own healing work through food and lifestyle changes, self -massage and delicious teas and herbs! Her approach is grounded in love, open-hearted, deep listening and real knowledge of the science of ayurveda. Hope you have the blessing of her healing presence.

Peejo Sehr

Ayurvedic Treatments

Enjoy a single treatment or join us for a package as part of a longer cleanse. These sacred experiences move ama or toxin from the deeper tissues of the body/mind toward the digestive tract and out of the body. They are not only pleasurable but deeply cleansing and rejuvenating aspects of regular self care.

Treat yourself to a rare experience this side of the globe.

Marma Therapy: Marma points are junctures of vital life energy in the body, a
component of Ayurveda and Indian martial arts. Like acupuncture, these points are stimulated to increase flow of vital energy for optimal well being. You will be guided in pairs of giving and receiving through a front body sequence, using light touch, essential oils, and vibration to bring each other to a state of deep relaxation. $100 per session

Shirodhara: Warm liquids like herbal oils pour over the forehead through a special copper vessel in a steady flow to induce relaxation. This technique has been used in India for neurological disorders, memory loss, insomnia, anxiety, and other conditions of mental stress. $130

Hrid Basti/ Kati Basti: The heart (hrid) or lower back (kati) are surrounded by a doughy enclosure within which warm herbal oils are pooled to pacify Vata dosha. Depending upon the placement of the basti, there are different indications for this treatment. As with all ayurvedic techniques, the whole body-mind can be benefitted. Often this will begin with warm oil run over the entire body, a process called abhyanga. $115

Netra Basti: In sanskrit, the word basti refers to the container or “bladder” in which a liquid or medicated oil is held for a period of time. In netra basti, luke warm ghee is pooled over the eyes to relax eye muscles and soothe dryness, relieve strain, and sometimes resultant headaches. $100

Ayurvedic Education

A good doctor is a good teacher. And a good patient is a good student. What is better than to learn self care? Online and in-person courses are offered on occasion in topics such as Ayurveda for skin care, Ayurvedic Nutrition, Herbal Home Remedies, Ayurveda and Yoga Asana, Ayurveda by season, and more. View our courses pages for details.

In cases of inclement weather, check the class schedules page 2 hours prior to the scheduled class for possible cancellations.