Teacher Training

Teacher Training is a specialized course for those interested in studying the essence of classical yoga practices, theories, and roots with mentorship for those interested in teaching anywhere in the future. This course is designed to bring your natural voice so that all communication including teaching is direct, honest, non-performative, relaxed, and free. While a certificate is offered, as per the Yoga Alliance standards, this course is appropriate for those who wish to teach, start businesses, service communities, as well as those who just want to study and practice yoga with broader understanding. One of the greatest benefits to yoga teacher training is finding one’s own voice and expression to share their passion for these ancient practices.

We hold space for 2 Level one, 200 hour, yoga teacher trainings each year. A special summer intensive and a Fall-Spring Thursday evening format. Contact: baltimoreyogavillage@gmail.com

Additionally, we share a 300 hour, advanced level training for those who are already teaching and want go deeper. Contact: baltimoreyogavillage@gmail.com

We wish you peace on your journey of love, creativity, and self discovery!

Some of the topics that will be integrated into the course are:

  • Asana Practice – lots of it!
  • Connecting to the Breath: Emotional implications of breathing and traditional pranayama techniques.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: The flow of prana and benefits of yoga postures at the muscular and organ levels
  • The Yoga Sutras and study of Samyama
  • Quieting Mental Chatter: Meditation and Mindfulness
  • The roots of Yoga: Study of yogic texts from the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Buddhist and Tantric text.
  • The healing vibration of sound: kirtan, mantra, nada yoga, and the Sanskrit Alpahabet.
  • Teaching out of the comfort zone: Teaching beyond studios, in jails, hospitals, and schools.
  • Teaching Practice: Writing sequences and developing your own voice
  • The Sivananda sequence of 12 basic Asanas and physical adjustments for them.
  • Ethics of Teaching and the inspirational role of a teacher
  • Therapeutic Yoga Workshops: yoga for arthritis, sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain, etc.
  • Anatomy of Yoga Asanas
  • Living our practice in relationships: The art of communication
  • Style vs. Authenticity: Developing your natural voice
  • Ayurveda for daily life

Courses are $2700 + 2 additional classes at BYV per week and resource materials. Payment plans are available.