Sylvia Levenson

Specialties: Breathing Techniques (Pranayama), Poses with Adaptations (Asana), Yoga for the Mature Body, Group and Private Sessions, Yoga for Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion

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Hi, I’m Sylvia Levenson

I have been practicing yoga for 12 years and have been teaching since 2013. Whether participating in or teaching a class, I am fully engaged in all aspects of the yoga: the dynamics found within the asana, the energetics found within the pranayama, the meditation within the stillness as well as meditation within the movement.

In 2021, I will be offering a recurring four-class yoga course that will synchronize these elements.  Each weekly session will entail 75 minutes of pranayama, asana and exploration and is suitable for all levels of practice and ability.

As a 75 year old, I find gentle yoga the perfect class for my strengthening and flexibility goals. Sylvia creates a welcoming class, with clear verbal directions and variations on poses to allow each participant to adjust the class to their needs.

Allen A

In her gentle yoga classes Sylvia focuses exceptionally well on the steps needed to move from one pose to the next, succeeding wonderfully at this with a blend of intelligence, passion, clarity, and good humor. When you leave her class you definitely feel more relaxed, heartened, wiser, ready to return.

Don B

'Only when we see things anew, we start to live.' ~Eligio Kindelan

My Story

Sylvia Levenson began practicing yoga in 2008. Within one year, her passive adventure grew into a full time passion. Her interest in the mental and holistic aspects of yoga as well as a devotion to explore an alignment-based approach progressed into her desire to learn more about the ancient discipline. Sylvia believes in yoga discipline as a lifestyle, infusing her everyday with purpose and meaning. Her objective is to create yoga classes that serve to foster connection, creativity and community through motivational classes and dedication to her students.

My yoga education:
It is with gratitude that I recognize all of the teachers that have come before me as well as some who I have had the honor and privilege to receive mentorship. It is through their teaching, knowledge and guidance that has enabled me to share what yoga has meant and continues to mean to me each and every day.  The inspiration that these teachers have created, moved me from an inquisitive yoga practitioner to completing hundreds of hours in coursework, workshops and trainings.  I received my 200 hour hatha yoga alignment- based training in Sarasota Florida under Lynn Burgess in 2012 and became a certified Love Your Brain instructor in 2019.  I began teaching gentle yoga classes regularly in 2013 and was planning for the third time to assistant teach beginner yoga students of post traumatic brain injury prior to Covid earlier this year.


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