Shelly Boggs

Specialities: Hatha and Restorative Yoga; Accessible beginner programs; Gentle to challenging multi-level classes; Mindfulness practices; Stress reduction techniques; Breath work; and Guided meditation.

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Hi, I’m Shelly Boggs

A yoga practitioner for over 20 years, Shelly Boggs is a Yoga Alliance registered instructor with a 200-HR certification from Baltimore Yoga Village. She aims to infuse every class with careful alignment cues, strength building for all levels, breathwork, and mindful introspection, all layered with her signature playful attitude. Shelly’s mission is to take the compassion, vitality, joy, and connection cultivated through her yoga practice off of the mat and out into the world, and inspire her students to do the same. Passionate about health and wellness, and driven by the desire to offer her students the greatest depth of expertise, Shelly continues to build her credential set which currently includes:

Yoga Teacher, RYT200
NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM-CPT
Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, FMCHC
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach Candidate, February 2021

I have enjoyed improving my practice under Shelly’s eyes for several months now. As someone relatively new to Yoga, I appreciate her offerings of accommodations and position reminders to keep me safe with new routines on the mat. I look forward to the creative challenges she offers each week with warmth and good humor. Terrific Yoga instructor!

Bill S

I have had the privilege of taking weekly yoga classes with Shelly since May 2020. Her yoga classes are amazing. There are energizing flows and challenging stretches that keep me on my toes. I even caught on to the breathing techniques a month or so in, and my stress levels are so much approved. Shelly listens carefully and creatively adjusts the class content to suit your needs while still pushing your physical abilities and strengthening your mental game.

Shelly T

Shelly is an amazing teacher and spirit. I have only “met” her on Zoom, but she absolutely thrives on that platform, inspiring and engaging the class with her clarity and dynamic personality. Shelly is the perfect balance of scholarly and intuitive; serious (about yoga, anatomy, and her commitment to her class) and delightful. Spending time with her during this challenging year [2020] has greatly enhanced my practice and my fitness, and brightened each week. I am so appreciative!

Kathleen C

As a beginner, she has been a great teacher for me. She regularly calls out reminders during a practice which help me make little tweaks to my poses — which have over time improved my practice.  I’ve learned a lot about breath work from practicing with her – which has served me well not only during my yoga practice, but also through the past few months. But, what I appreciate most, is her positive infectious energy and the way she just laughs with life through a practice. Thank you, Shelly.

Mwikali K

'Yoga is an act of radical personal care – a repaving of the long road home to your most authentic and radiant self'

My Story

I came to Yoga over 20 years ago while navigating a deep, personal crisis, and I can still remember the tears of relief and release streaming down my face in Savasana. In that very first class, held in a dank and smelly hall above a gym weight room, I had found a safe path through a tremendously painful period in my life.

Once healed, I continued to practice by tripping on and off of my yoga mat. There were periods of deep study with amazing teachers and mentors, and other years where my corporate career ambitions dominated, leaving me to pepper in practice only when possible.

Throughout this last decade, however, I noticed a shift in my motivation. In the early years, I viewed Yoga as a form of exercise — but that had since evolved. Yoga had become a moving meditation, a guide to right living, and a means to look within to find the calm, radiance, joy, and strength that refueled me. My mat had become an oasis in my otherwise stress-ravaged existence. It wasn’t long before my desire to go deeper directed me to research yoga teacher training and led me to Baltimore Yoga Village.

Even before the grips Covid-19, I saw the signs of a healthcare crisis looming – locally, nationally, and globally. My compulsion to be a part of the solution was overwhelming, and in 2019, I left behind the plush trappings of my corporate role to pursue the path of a holistic Health and Wellness advocate and expert.

Despite the tremendous difficulty of 2020, I believe it’s one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. As a teacher, I aim to support and inspire my students to fulfill their birthright – true health, vitality, and happiness — by inviting them to move better, breathe better, and be better.


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