From the Wisdom of Ayurveda — Get more details here! Can’t make any of the weeks or lectures? You will receive access to the zoom live-streamed recordings to catch up at your leisure.

Anjali’s love for teaching, dialogue, and community makes every course, every time — a unique experience. Even if you have take Ayurvedic courses with Anjali before, you can expect variation and a new flavor of information each time. There will time for questions and answers as she at times lets you take the wheel and steer the direction of these 8 weeks, to get the most applicable details for you and your family. The general curriculum will be as follows:

Week 1: Creating good space (Sukha)

  • Begin to create a sense of stability by finding the one point in your day to create consistent ritual around food and wellbeing.
  • Learn Ayurvedic concepts like how to follow the path of the sun and daily rhythm (dinacarya)
  • Get rooted in the basics of the 5 elements and 3 doshas, Vata/Pitta/and Kapha (receive a pre-recorded video and supportive reading to help get grounded in the material).

Week 2: Practices for Balancing the Winds of Change

  • Breath-work for anxiety: traditional pranayama
  • Self oil massage (abhyanga) and nasal oiling (nasya)
  • Gentle vata pacifying yoga asana with guided scan (Savasana) for deeper rest

Week 3: The 6 Tastes of Ayurveda

  • The concepts of Rasa, Virya, and Vipak: fun & interactive workshops on mindful eating.
  • Learn the effect on the doshas of all 6 tastes: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, and Astringent
  • Receive charts and PDF follow up material as notes

Week 4: Stoking the Fire

  • Learn the Ayurvedic concept of Digestive Fire & Metabolic Waste
  • 4 Main Types of Digestion: Knowing Your Agni Type
  • Tridoshic tips and tricks for stoking the digestive fire & aiding digestion

Week 5: Eat for Your Dosha & Agni Type

  • Breakfasts, lunches, and dinners by dosha
  • Ideal shopping lists by dosha
  • Anjali’s favorite simple recipes

Week 6: Make some Ayurvedic Staples

  • How to make ghee from butter
  • How to make Kitchari
  • Knowing your legumes (vegetarian sources of protein)
  • More recipes
  • Curry in a hurry! The proper order for cooking most stews or curries.

Week 7: Spice up Your Life

  • Learn uses of common spices which can be used in cooking, teas, pastes, and bathtubs.
  • How to make a muscle warming paste

Week 8: Your Questions Answered

  • QnA sessions where we learn from the community and you steer the ship on your last few classes. What you would like to explore?
  • Niche topics on self care and nutrition
  • Tying up loose ends from week 1-7

If we don’t get to your question? Anjali will offer you a reduced price 1:1 consultation. Regular cost $150 — 2 extras hours with Anjali for $75.

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