Sarah Shellow

Specialties: gentle yoga, intermediate classes, writing and yoga workshops for teens and adults, poetry and yoga, therapeutics, group and private lessons

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Hi, I’m Sarah Shellow

I teach gentle and mixed-level yoga classes, as well as writing and yoga workshops. My classes combine poses for strength, flexibility, and relaxation, emphasizing variations that appeal to all bodies. I enjoy creating a sense of community, and my classes are filled with an appreciation for the life experiences each student brings. Yoga philosophy informs the contemplations for each class. I love helping people discover and celebrate their innate gifts and assisting students in finding the most comfortable and joyful expressions of the poses for their bodies.

As a writer, I attune to the language of transformation, offering poetry that touches the mind and heart. Join me in exploring the intersection between creativity and self-expression through my writing and yoga series. We will focus on finding ease in the body while creating space for insight to bubble up from within. You are your best teacher, and I am honored to facilitate discovery through the practice of yoga.

Sarah’s voice and her ability to convey love, support and calm is exceptional — even when teaching virtually. Sarah is a writer and you can see that she is an observer of humans who brings a love of language to the class. She was a wonderful sanctuary and resource during this anxious year.

Amy Sananman

Sarah is a fearless explorer of the physical and spiritual worlds. Her class takes you along for the ride, leaving your mind at ease, your vertebrae evenly spaced, and your soul humming.

Alexi S

I appreciate the satisfying proportions between explaining the pose and its purpose and giving us space to find the place of tension, relaxation, and expansion the pose offers. Sarah’s class is an oasis in the midst of our chaotic and disruptive times.

Peter D

Sarah is a thoughtful teacher who creates yoga practices that are nourishing for both my body and my spirit. I find Sarah’s classes to be incredibly centering and grounding and I leave feeling calm and refreshed.

Shanley V

Here’s to the forces that enchant us, mystify us, and bring us to the edge of discovery time and again!

My Story

As a schoolteacher, I discovered yoga in the late 90’s as a way to release stress and to cultivate the capacity to hold a space for my students to express their feelings. My yoga journey led me to connecting with yoga practitioners in Cuba who encouraged me to become a teacher. Inspired by their undaunting ability to live in the present moment and find joy even in the midst of difficult circumstances, I vowed I would return with more training and share what I learned.

I packed up my car with a few belongings and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I completed a year-long teacher training and began to teach at a studio. Living in the desert was not always easy for this east-coaster, but the wide-open horizons of the desert became a place for me to explore my own inner landscape without distraction. Self-reflection coupled with my work as a teacher at a Native American high school deepened my connection to spirit in the form of service. I returned to the east coast and later to Cuba with more tools to navigate the waves of life and to support others in doing the same.

I believe yoga activates the body’s own healing abilities and the heart’s deepest wisdom. I know what it is like to struggle with body pain and an uncertainty that things will get better. Having sustained a shoulder injury and three subsequent rotator cuff surgeries, I learned how to modify my practice to adjust to my changing body. I understand the disappointment that can arise when our bodies hurt or shift from what we are used to. I offer variations in my classes to suit different needs and I always approach my practice and teaching with compassion born of the necessity to be with what is. “You have to respect where the body wants to take you– accept the body where it is,” says Eduardo Pimentel, one of my yoga teachers in Cuba.

I am interested in how the yoga practice asks us to disassemble the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. “How do you imagine our world?” I ask my Cuban yoga teacher friend, Eligio Kindelan, and he replies, “New every day with possibility. If we are new every day, the world is also new.” Over and over, we are asked to release our sense of identity and to open to something quite often unknown—our deepest potential for freedom, self-expression, and love. Through the practice of yoga, we have an invitation to return to what is steady in our lives –breath, movement, mindfulness—and we make this our platform. Then, we prepare for take-off!

My credentials~

I have been practicing yoga for over twenty years and teaching for fifteen (RYT 200).  I trained in the Anusara method and in aspects of Para Yoga. I honor teachers Marion Griffin, Suzie Hurley, John Friend, Rod Stryker, Noah Maze, and Naime Jezzeny among others for my introduction and immersion into the beauty and challenge that is my experience of yoga. For the ever-present guidance of my meditation practice, I am indebted to my teacher, Paul Muller-Ortega. Over the years, I have worked with several members of the yoga community in Cuba to continue to build a bridge between people of the United States and Cuba through yoga and meditation.

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in Vermont and I teach creative writing at Stevenson University. I have experienced the revelatory nature of both writing and yoga and wholeheartedly believe everyone has a unique voice that can be expressed on the page. For deep compassion for what the process involves, I hold a space for each student to discover their voice through movement and language.


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