Niela Magwood-Phoenix

Specialities: Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, All bodies, Props

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Hi, I’m Niela Magwood-Phoenix

Niela is a RYT 500 certified yoga instructor who specializes in YinHatha and Vinyasa. She believes in striving to be our best selves and aligning our inner universe with our outer universe. She loves to use props, has fun creating new experiences, and meets students where they are in their practice. This is a judgement free zone! Professionally, Niela holds a Masters in Business and owns BIOMA with her husband. She teaches art and is a professional musician as well.
  • Yin is a slow paced style in which poses are held for 3-5 minutes. Great for connective tissue and joints
  • Hatha is slow placed and focuses on developing awareness and calming the mind, body and spirit.
  • Vinyasa is a faster more dynamic practice for tending to the muscles and cardio
Adults 18-118yrs! Limited parking available onsite. Once filled, free street parking is available. “Look for the Japanese Torii Arch

I’ve been attending Zoom Yoga classes with Niela for about 2 months. The practice is both energizing and restorative—exactly what I need to help me through the week. She has a very inviting but calm and reassuring presence. The class has reignited my awareness of yoga’s benefits and I highly recommend it. —Aria

Fred (Marketing Manager)

I have been attending zoom yoga classes weekly with Niela for the past two and a half months, and her class is usually the highlight of my week. Her practice is appropriate for all levels, and she guides you through a balanced sequence of postures with enough time to build energy in each pose. I like that she incorporates core work in creative ways, and I always feel open and energized after yoga with Niela – Rachel

Lee (Nurse Practitioner)

'Just let it go'

My Story

I wanted to share my story to why I began studying yoga. I studied yoga on and off most of my adult life with poor discipline due to lifes many distractions. Not to say that career and family are distractions, but you catch my meaning. My soulmate and I opened a community center called BIOMA that offers martial arts, yoga and visual arts. This has been one of our life dreams and we love spending our time teaching, connecting and growing with others. I am a practitioner of Agnihotra which stems from Hinduism and yoga aligns nicely with my practice. In fact, yoga aligns nicely with all spiritual practices. I find the older I get the more of a student I realize I am. The less and less I actually know. Its fascinating! Yoga helps facilitate that union of all the energies and physics of the universe and I am grateful to be pathed to teach it to others.


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