Mirabelle D'Cunha

Specialities: Pranayama, Indian Asana, Nidra, Spiritual Journaling, Sadhana Mentoring

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Hi, I’m Mirabelle D'Cunha

Mirabelle is in an intimate relationship with yoga as a breath-ing experience. She has been on this path of Self-discovery for 19 years, studying with swamis (monks) and teachers from the Sivananda Saraswati lineage and at Mumbai University.

Mirabelle supports committed yoga lovers, seekers of joy, and compassion to dance with purpose and joy. Her signature offerings are Sadhana Club, a Live bi-monthly online sanctuary that brings grace, clarity, and community to yoga lovers, a 9-week Radiant You Private Mentoring program to uncover healing through intimacy with breath, and guest lectures on pranayama and bhakti yoga on teacher training programs.

Mirabelle compassionately guides her students to savour the luxury of inner experience. Playing with Mirabelle, healing and clarity naturally unfold as they unplug from urgency and into deep trust and allowing.

This was a life changing experience. I have actively sought to do learn effective meditation for some time. To be taught by such a phenomenal instructor made the experience outstanding

Wanda Ebanks, Lawyer, Partner Maples & Calder

I came to Mirabelle and Yoga to unbind my ridiculously tight hamstrings last year. Now I touch my toes all the time, regularly put my 240 pound frame in headstand, meditate (and Pranayama) every morning at 4am and spend many workdays with laser-beam focus. Mirabelle lives Yoga. She is the most supportive teacher and will ease you into wherever Yoga takes you… She blends practical science and broad expert knowledge with.. well her secret sauce… undefinable energy that you will hear and feel.

Wayne Franklin, Business Performance Manager, DART

Never felt so supported, held and listened to anyone else who has ever spoken about Yoga in my entire life. Mirabelle is a special gift to this world. She has a heart that holds a universe. Her dedication and her practice is like experiencing wholeness.

Effath Yasmin, Founder Nourish & Nurture, Director Untying Breastfeeding Film

Mirabelle is a gifted teacher. Both her meditation and yoga classes are perfectly paced and expertly explained through analogies, metaphors, and also with scientifically supported explanations. Mirabelle’s knowledge is deep, and also vast – she distills these ancient teachings into relatable, easy to digest morsels that fully support her students on so many levels. Having practiced yoga for 20+ years, I find Mirabelle’s classes among the most fulfilling and engaging I’ve ever attended.

Sarah Burton Founder Yoga Sprouts

'Joy, purpose, intimacy, trust, grace.....sadhana. Yoga is unfolding the luxury of inner experience.....I was born to do this!'

My Story

Born in Mumbai, yoga, spirituality, many religions and chaos were always around me. I was born into a catholic family, attended a Muslim school, learned classical Indian (Hindu) dancing and lived 2 floors above a Sikh place of workship. All this both fascinated me and made me uncomfortable. Little did I know that all experiences would lead me to the portals of compassion.

I always felt a kind of anxious buzz in my body-mind, as well as a trust that there was more to life. I felt energy and sensed things that no one could understand. I devoured books on the unknown, the rejected and the unthinkable. I battled depression and courted suicidal thoughts. I found dance. Dance was my space to sweat my prayers.

….until i had a slipped disc at age 25, discovered I had congenital scoliosis, fused service vertebrae, and a slim chance of healing after surgery. I recalled the true story of a dancer with a jaipur cast foot. I made my way to the Sivananda Ashram in the Himalayas and by pure grace, had an atomic pranic experience during my first ever supported headstand. ….too private to share here….too real to not…

Sadhana (daily spiritual practice) became my act of self-love. Healing unfolded with an inexplicable patience and self-compassion.

The path was equally rewarding, confusing, and lonely. I have known the yearning for consistent guidance from someone who knows the nuances of the path. I have known the pain of not having a witness to my journey, a human connection on the spiritual path.

I know the antidote and I’m here to share it.

Karuna (compassion) is my highest goal

Seva (service) is my give and obsession

Sadhana is my daily bread

Pranayama is my addiction

I was born to do this.


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