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Yoga for Emotional Balance

Upcoming Courses

Sundays for 5 weeks beginning Dec 5 2021 and concluding on Jan 2, 2022

Yoga has profoundly changed my ability to regulate my emotions, thoughts and even behaviors. It has soothed me, given me structure and rhythm to my days which provides contentment in the most difficult times. The community this class has become, is one of loving support and friendship too. Join in and discover the connection to yourself, to each other and the gift of practice that can calm our nervous system.

We will breathe, move and sit together, learn aspects of a daily routine, calm the qualities of dull, heavy, low motivation and calm the overactive mind and body.

I look forward to sharing this practice with you.

“This class offers beginners and advanced practitioners a chance to develop their emotional and physical balance. Lynette will lead you through a series of postures with accommodations or challenges for individual students while being mindful of each participant’s comfort level. Breathing exercises combined with the asanas or poses have helped me develop flexibility of mind and body, and I always leave this class feeling energized and relaxed.”


Lynette offers a heart centered, relaxed yoga class, filled with breathwork, sounding, strong yoga postures with clear adaptations and Peace. I appreciate the explanations to assist in impacting my emotions.   I feel more free, more powerful and more happy after each class..”


“I had not planned on attending Lynette‘s class until I woke up one morning needing something that would address the discomfort I was feeling within. I’m so glad Lynette had shared the class link with me, just in case, so I could easily join at that moment. Her class was exactly what I needed and I found myself returning ever since. Lynette is a beautiful singer who manages to bring us into an intimate space. Her lightheartedness and ability to laugh at herself is a good reminder to take life a little less seriously. She acknowledges that we all have different physical abilities and emotional needs and always provides options, making her class an inviting place for all who attend.”


Hi, I’m Lynette:

I have practiced yoga for exercise since the 1980’s. I have a masters level social worker (LCSW-C ) degree and work in private practice in Westminster, Maryland. As a therapist, I have been treating trauma and its symptoms of distress, worry, sadness,  grief, fear, anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns for 30+ years.

I received yoga instructor certification through the Baltimore Yoga Village in order to integrate the practices into therapy sessions due to their benefits in regulating emotions, thoughts and behaviors. In addition to the 500 hour courses, additional Yoga As A Living Practice instruction has been beneficial and impacting how I teach. I would love to share all of this with you!

'There’s still time to change the road you’re on'

My Story

In 2014, I started attending regular yoga classes as a way to meet people, and maybe lose weight. I was headed to Costa Rica for my 50th birthday, to learn to surf and I’d read practicing yoga was a great way to prepare for the sport of surfing. What took place, however, was unexpected: a regular practice started to impact my emotional and spiritual experience. I started to feel better, simply put. I did make friends and I loved talking about the transformation I was experiencing: a place in community, a connection to others and most powerfully a renewed connection to my body. I didn’t lose much weight, maybe a little, and I learned that yoga is for “every body”.  I also began to renew my motivation.
The breath, the movement and the mindfulness practices of yoga  have  been researched and now recommended for their benefits and use as a best practice in treatment of the qualities interfering with emotional balance. Yoga and it’s call to rhythm, routine, discipline and compassion may ease the symptoms of trauma as well as other mental health concerns.
As a therapist, I wanted to share these powerful practices and participated in teacher training with Anjali Sunita, Vivian Campagna and Mark Garner at Baltimore Yoga Village and now integrate yoga into the care of my clients in my private therapy practice, when they wish.
In classes, my goal is to create a space for you to find ease, emotional balance, and freedom in body and mind.


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