Kat Souvertjis

Specialities: Clinical Yoga Therapy, Vibrational Meditation, Integrative Nutritional Wellness Coaching + Herbal Medicine, Energy-work and Breathwork ( Pranayama )

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Hi, I’m Kat Souvertjis

Kat has been in the Aviation Industry for over twenty years, however in the past 10 years has been shifting her focus toward a more holistic approach to health through the practice of Yoga, Sound-Massage and Sound Meditation as well as Integrative Health Coaching to combat elements of stress and fatigue associated with a high stress career route.

Kat completed her Hatha-Raja Yoga 200hr Teacher Training in 2016 at the Foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India .  Kat’s classes include breathwork (pranayama), Sound Meditation as well as the traditional Yogic Movement. In addition to leading yoga classes, Kat offers deep relaxation with sound through Sound Concerts andPeter Hess® Sound-Massage .  Similar to yoga , these sessions provide the space to tune in to your body while restoring and rejuvenating the mind, spirit and physical body.  Kat is a student of the Peter Hess® Sound-Massage modality, offering individual Sound-Massage appointments as well as offering drop-in Sound Baths and workshops in the Baltimore Area.

I had the pleasure of experiencing two sound baths with Kat and both were
beautiful, deeply moving experiences.I have also received a wonderful sound
massage, which was a beautiful, magical experience. I feel so relaxed and
grounded now. Kat embodies Kindness and wisdom and creates a safe healing
space to be in. Thank you so much, I hope to see you again!

Fred (Marketing Manager)

I don’t know the words to express the power, pleasure and healing that your
treatments and sound concerts produce. I feel a change to my body and soul – it´s
enriching, calming and balancing. During individual treatments the relaxation is
incredible, I see vivid colors and afterwards the world is more beautiful – as are

Lee (Nurse Practitioner)

'Cultivating stillness through Vibrational Sound and Yoga Therapy'

My Story

Kat is a Cypriot Australian who lived her life in Egypt, Uganda and The United Arab Emirates. She moved to The United States in 2017 as her career in the Aviation Industry afforded her the opportunity to work within Corporate America for a major U.S carrier. Kat has been working in the International Aviation industry for over 20 years.

Being in an industry that is riddled with stress and constant change she found herself fatigued and withdrawn. She found that she was not alone in her feelings of withdrawal and went on a lifelong quest to find different sources of healing . Kat was led to explore holistic modalities to combat feelings of lethargy and unrest and was fortunate enough to be working in the Airline industry where she was able to travel to learn from many traditions in many cultures from countries around the world. Modalities included : Clinical Yoga Therapy from traditional North Indian Yogic traditions, Vibrational Meditation from Nepal, Integrative Nutritional Wellness Coaching + Herbal Medicine, Energy-work and Breathwork ( Pranayama ) –

Discovering Vibrational Sound Therapy In the Peter Hess modality as part of her Mediterranean heritage whilst transitioning on her quest to learn how to silence the mind.

Kat Founded Cyprus Sound Yoga in 2016 to share her learnings with others who also were seeking ways to calm themselves after loud daily activities. Vibrational Sound Meditation and the  Peter Hess® Sound-Massage Modality is an invitation to experience vibrations from Therapeutic Metal singing bowls and other musical tools such as Gongs, Chimes, Crystal bowls, Tuning Forks and more to assist the participant into a safe space of gentle harmonizing stillness.

As a Student of Peter Hess® Sound-Massage and a RYT200 Yoga Practitioner, Kat offers therapeutic sound sessions in both individual and group settings and includes sound relaxation and Yoga Nidra in her Gentle Therapeutic yoga offerings.  Please Visit www.cyprussoundyoga.com for more information.