Jessica Grosman, MS, RD, LDN, RYT

Specialties: Yin Yoga, Yoga for Eating Disorders, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga, 5 Element Meridian Theory, Body-Inclusive Nutrition Therapy, Anti-Diet Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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Yin Yoga – weekly drop-in class with Jessica Grosman

Yin Yoga is a practice that is appropriate and accessible for everyone and every body. This style of yoga seeks to slowly stretch and lengthen the fascia network in the body – the fascia, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage – which are less accessible to simple methods of stretching. Most Yin Yoga poses are seated or laying down, non-weight bearing and suitable for every level of fitness and flexibility. Props are often used to support the body; each pose is held for several minutes to allow the fascia to “melt”. The target areas are the hips, spine and pelvis – centers of energy and emotion in the body.

Adding a Yin Yoga practice to your life is a wonderful way to nourish your body, mind and spirit!

Suggested Props: yoga mat, yoga blocks (or thick books), yoga bolster (or firm pillow), yoga strap (or bathrobe belt), yoga blanket (or thick towel/blanket), eye-pillow for final relaxation (nice, but optional)

While I’d love to see you on your mat, please know that if you feel more comfortable with your camera off, I respect your decision.

Hi, I’m Jessica Grosman

I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years, but my path on my mat has not been straightforward.  There have been starts and stops along the road, with plenty of bumps along the way.  As a yoga teacher, I recognize that everyone’s path is unique and no two bodies are the same.  My appreciation for the personal journey in each yoga experience is what excites me as a teacher.  I serve as a guide for each student to explore their body’s feelings & sensations during every moment on the mat.  I am the founder of With Health & Gratitude, LLC where I bring my love of food and yoga together as both an experienced Registered Dietitian and yoga teacher, helping individuals feel their best everyday.

Jessica is a dedicated and compassionate yoga teacher. I enjoy her clear instructions and appreciate the freedom to adjust the poses as I need to be comfortable. Her thorough knowledge of Yin Yoga and guidance toward relaxation create informative and calming classes. My body and mind feel renewed after Jessica’s classes and I always leave looking forward to my next class.

C.J., New York

I just finished last week’s recording and I feel amazing – especially since my husband and I just returned from a 2000 mile road trip!

J.L, Delaware

I especially love your approach and your nurturing language throughout the class. It caused me to examine how I approach my different practices of mindfulness, bodywork and exercise. Your guidance was perfect! I did not need to look at the screen much in order to gain understanding of the postures. I felt that you offered just enough instruction as well as enough quiet time throughout, thank you so much for this meaningful time.

G.C., Maryland

Jessica’s Yin Yoga classes are creative and fun. She is adept at balancing required instruction with space for silence and stillness, the hallmark of a good Yin class. You can’t go wrong taking a Yin class from Jessica. I highly recommend taking time for self care with Jessica.

G.T., Virginia

Jessica’s Yin Yoga classes are a true treat. Jessica is a wealth of knowledge with the talent to educate while simultaneously creating a relaxing experience for the student. I leave Jessica’s classes feeling renewed in my body and mind, appreciative of the present moment, and fascinated by what I’ve learned. Her Yin + Chocolate workshop was eye opening and encouraged me to slow down and improve my food experience by using all of my senses. This has helped me take my mindfulness off of the mat and into other areas of life, such as eating, to engage with all areas of life with more fullness, presence and zest. To me, this is what yoga is truly about!

T.J., Oregon

'Explore and learn what makes you feel your best.'

My Story

Jessica Grosman, MS, RD, LDN, RYT

I never thought that yoga would become an integral part of my daily life.  Over 20 years ago, yoga was just a class I attended at the gym on my days off from running.  I struggled to stay present and focused for 60 minutes; my mind endlessly wandered and my body craved more vigorous movement.  I criticized myself when I wasn’t able to bend my body into a shape and I constantly compared myself to the other students in the room.  I couldn’t understand how anyone found satisfaction in practicing yoga!

At the same time, I was completing a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Science and became a Registered Dietitian.  I counseled patients who wanted to lose weight; I taught tricks for counting calories and preached the benefits of exercise for weight loss.  There was no room for yoga, it wasn’t “active enough” to burn calories and help my patients lose pounds.

When I grew tired of constantly talking about weight loss and diets, I shifted my professional focus to culinary teaching and recipe development.  I loved to share my passion for cooking, how to turn simple ingredients into delicious meals, and how to nourish the body with what we put on our plates.  I spoke of the virtues of “mindful eating” and presence; these themes were similar to those talked about during the yoga classes I’d taken years before.  I began to connect the experiences.

When a series of devastating physical injuries required that I quit running, I was lost.  I needed to find a way to connect with my body, as running did, but without the impact of strenuous motion.    A friend suggested that I try a yoga class and initially, I laughed.  I remembered how much I struggled during the yoga classes I’d attended many years before and I couldn’t imagine any benefit to giving yoga another chance. 

I started to attend yoga classes and although I was hesitant and nervous, I began to let myself relax.  I found a level of comfort within my injured and healing body that I wasn’t expecting to find.  Eventually, I began to take classes almost every day.  Not only could I feel my body changing, but I could sense my mind, my mood, and my overall presence evolving.  All of the yoga was working, I just needed to give it some time.        

I undertook a rigorous 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) in Summer, 2018.  During my 200-hour training, I studied yoga postures, yogic philosophy, human anatomy & physiology, and teaching techniques. My intention was not to become a yoga teacher, but the more I studied, the more I learned about myself; the more I learned about myself, the less I knew and the desire to learn more intensified.  I had the opportunity to student-teach with my fellow trainees; it was during this component of my training that I truly found my voice” as a devoted yogini and knew that I wanted to share my enthusiasm on the mat with others.

Throughout the past three years, since earning the credentials of RYT-200, I have continued to expand my knowledge both on and off my mat.  I have an unquenchable curiosity that is satisfied when I dive into particular areas of interest.  Long before my 200-hour teacher training, I began to practice Yin Yoga.  This style of yoga is quiet, intense, introspective and full of opportunity for awareness in the body.  Since 2018, I have taken a giant leap into the study of Yin Yoga and its nuances.  I study and practice weekly with my amazing teacher and mentor, Machelle Lee, and am guided by her knowledge of Meridian Theory and Traditional Medicine.  I’m honored to begin teaching alongside Machelle, as we offer seasonal workshops which highlight our individual expertises of Meridian Theory and seasonal nourishment for the physical and psychological body.

As a Registered Dietitian in private practice, I often work with clients suffering from disordered eating and Eating Disorders.  Weight stigma and diet culture are pervasive in our society, causing detrimental harm to so many individuals of all ages, in all bodies.  I am trained as a trauma-sensitive provider – both within the realms of yoga and dietetics – and I’m honored to join the faculty of Yoga for Eating Disorders as a specialized yoga teacher.

To the Baltimore Yoga Village community, I am excited to offer my weekly Yin Yoga class – a class I have taught continuously for nearly 2 years.  The pandemic allowed me to broaden my student base, as my weekly teaching shifted into the virtual space, and I have been able to reach students all over the country.  I welcome all students, near and far, into my classes! 

In addition to weekly classes, I will be providing a variety of interactive, educational and enjoyable workshops, including my signature “Yin Yoga + Chocolate Workshop”.  The desire to share my passion for Yin Yoga runs deep; I also offer private sessions for individuals looking to grow their practice with a personalized approach.

I am honored to do the work I do.  I look forward to welcoming you into my yoga practice soon!


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