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Specialities: Asana, MBSR, Yoga Nidra, Poetry
Readings,group and private lessons

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Morning Therapeutic Slow Flow Yoga to launch you into summer fun whether gardening, hiking, kayaking on a lake, or playing with loved ones.

Tune your instrument before joining the orchestra of your Sunday activities. Align your body to sing with your heart’s summer passions. In Therapeutic Slow Flow Yoga, we will balance & align, prime muscles for action, lubricate joints for greater range of motion, and center minds on the clearest of our day’s intentions.

This seasonal pass gives you access to as many as 11 or fewer LIVE virtual classes this summer. Going on vacation? Wonderful! Recordings of each class will be sent to your inbox to experience as many times as you would like during the summer season .

Bonus 1: Guest passes for every class you attend (invite your family & friends while on vacation).

Bonus 2: Attend one or more, In-Person Outdoor Pop Up class in the Baltimore area. Three classes to choose from :

Summer Solstice Yoga on the Deck in Mt. Washington  Monday, June 21, 7:00 – 8:15 PM (will be rescheduled for inclement weather)

RSVP by email: by 12:00 noon, Monday June 21 and details will be sent (address, Covid safety, what to bring).

Summer Yoga on the Deck in Mt. Washington 

Saturday, June 26, 9:15 – 10:30 AM(will be rescheduled for inclement weather)

RSVP by email: by Friday June 25 and details will be sent (address, Covid safety, what to bring).

Therapeutic Yoga is a great class for beginners, students recovering from injuries, illness, stress, and for those wanting a more peaceful practice. Therapeutic Yoga incorporates slower paced movement flows with breath awareness, gentle strength-building in the upper and lower body, joint lubrication with emphasis on shoulders and hips, increasing range of motion, alignment cues that encourage a safe practice, and balancing of the nervous system for a calmer mind-state. Each class draws from a palette of yogic healing arts including gentle, yin, somatics, kriya, restorative, pranayam, yoga nidra, and meditation.

Sundays, 9:15-10:30AM, June 20 – Aug. 29, 2021

Never miss a class! Each live virtual class will be recorded for you to enjoy all season.

About Me

The healing arts are my passion!

Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Clinical Psychotherapy

We all need to heal, to regain our center when we fall off balance, to recalibrate when we veer off course, to remember our True Nature when we’re lost in self-doubt, depression, and anxiety and lose touch with our sense of purpose and meaning. The healing arts offer us maintenance and support for daily living. Yoga helps us bring ease to our bodies, open our hearts, and clear our minds.

I have been practicing hatha yoga off & on since my college days and teaching yoga since 2009 when my daughter left for college.

I have been practicing meditation since the ’90s and teaching mindfulness meditation since 2011.

I am a clinical psychotherapist and have been in private practice since1997 and specialize in mindfulness-based and trauma-informed clinical psychotherapy.

I love teaching, creating yoga sequences, hiking, biking, kayaking and hanging out with family and friends. I looking forward to becoming a grandmother this June!

For more information visit:

The Sun by Mary Oliver

Have you ever seen


in your life

more wonderful

than the way the sun,

every evening,

relaxed and easy,

floats toward the horizon

and into the clouds or the hills,

or the rumpled sea,

and is gone–

and how it slides again

out of the blackness,

every morning,

on the other side of the world,

like a red flower

streaming upward on its heavenly oils,

say, on a morning in early summer,

at its perfect imperial distance–

and have you ever felt for anything

such wild love–

do you think there is anywhere, in any language,

a word billowing enough

for the pleasure

that fills you,

as the sun

reaches out,

as it warms you

as you stand there,


or have you too

turned from this world–

or have you too

gone crazy

for power,

for things?

“This is my favorite yoga studio. From the moment you step inside, whether it is the Mount Washington or Hampden location, you feel a sense of calm and peace”.

Dara W.

“Dear Anjali I have taught workshops in many places but there was a wondrous atmosphere that permeated the walls of your studio, and I can honestly say that your students were amongst the best, but even more than that – you transferred a special energy that penetrated everyone in the room”.

Tao Porchon-Lynch, world’s eldest living yoga master

Hi, I’m (Teacher’s name)

I’m the founder of Village Life Wellness . I create environments for individual and community health, peace, and wholeness. Through the ancient systems of yoga and Ayurveda, I work with humans who want to engage with the natural world as a means to improving quality of life.

I want to empower you to express yourself without shame or apology—in the body you have today. No cookie cutter diets and fads, we uncover the natural wisdom of your body, mind, and heart.

'Live your best life: I was broken & now it is my time to teach'

My Story

For me, yoga and ayurveda have been an integrated healing journey which not only rid me of chronic eczema and anxiety, but taught me to love the process of nourishing myself and to root out deeper seated toxic emotional stories, thereby improving relationships with myself and others. I always say ayurveda is the greatest anti-depressant!

Ayurveda is true mindfulness in practice; it teaches us to engage all of our senses in each moment! I have learned how to find healing with every day substances in the kitchen, bathroom, and garden — and I want to teach you to do the same.

I know what it’s like to struggle with low self-esteem, embarrassed of chronic illness, and with traumatic memory; and I also know what it is like to open like a fresh flower thriving in the perfect degree of sunlight.

I want to do my level best to listen, educate, and give you the best quality service and de-mystify the secrets of this ancient healing science, such that you feel deeply grounded on this earth and in your body. ​

Need Credentials?
Anjali Sunita is the Founder and Director of Baltimore Yoga Village, a community wellness center which offers space to life changing and affirming programs and Village Life Wellness, her private Ayurvedic practice.

She has been trained through the Sivananda Ashrams in India and Canada, anusara yoga immersion, acroyoga international, in prenatal and children’s yoga classes, as well as North Indian classical singing.​In Ayurveda, she studied at the Ayurvedic Institute under Dr. Vasant Lad in New Mexico and Pune, as well as with Charak Ayurveda in Jaipur, India.

She has integrated knowledge from her beloved teachers and shares it with a great love for making the teachings accessible, easily understood, and applicable to each person she encounters. She offers training for yoga teachers throughout the world through her signature program, the Jivan Yoga Teacher Training.


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