Daisy Barquist

Specialities: Clinical Yoga Therapy, Vibrational Meditation, Integrative Nutritional Wellness Coaching + Herbal Medicine, Energy-work and Breathwork ( Pranayama )

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Hi, I’m Daisy Barquist

I am a somatic movement therapist, acupuncturist and herbal medicine practitioner, and yogi. Accessing the wisdom of Asian cosmology and Engaged Buddhist practice, I guide us into full presence in body, mind, and spirit.  My intention is for my life to be my message.  I have practiced meditation since her early 20s, been an acupuncturist and herbalist since the 1990s, and a life-long dancer and yoga practitioner.   In my presence, people experience an open and non-judgmental spaciousness where they can show up fully.    

“Daisy was the first and only practitioner who offered me awareness and understanding of my body and my back. She’s a nurturing, engaged, and creative woman that provided me with the resources and perspective I needed to stop persistent cycles of pain. ”


“Daisy weaves a cocoon to hold you. And not only to hold you but to break through with stillness, movement, touch and the ability to trust her intuitive sense and yours.”


Daisy took me to places I’ve never been before in my being with a gentle yet probing curiosity. More than anything, during the session I was able to love and accept parts of myself that I had previously held in great contempt.

W, artist

“Daisy has a really wonderful way of listening deeply to what I present and offering feedback that is insightful, honoring/supportive, and productive, that allows me to look at situations in new ways and shift my perspective. I find her to be very enlightening. She is so clear minded, perceptive, and brings a global perspective to the discussion. She offers suggestions so that once the session is over, I feel empowered to move forward in my life with confidence. Daisy has cultivated so many aspects of herself that what I experience is the openness, clarity and wisdom of a true healer. And she does this all with love! ”


'Dance with the qi'

My Story

I have always been interested in how things work.  Over my lifetime, I have explored the legal system, practicing tax and corporate law as my first career.   Then the family and householder system as I became a full time mom.   Eventually I found my way to acupuncture school where I studied Five Element acupuncture.  Five Element acupuncture sees a person as nature, not separate from it.  So, we ask, how is the sun shining in this person, and what about the waterways, the banks of the river.  What is running smoothly and well. What is challenged.  As Asian Medicine practitioners, we know that everything can affect everything else; so we look for patterns and how systems are working. 

Besides studying acupuncture, I also studied herbal medicine.  And then taught both acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Florida and Maryland.  I had a thriving private practice from 1998 through 2008.  In 2008, while on a vision quest in the Utah desert, I had a dramatic health crisis which left me with a small intestine eleven inches shorter by the time I left the hospital.  During the vision quest, I saw a vision to close my acupuncture practice.  Knowing that I could have died in the desert, I decided to listen to the vision. 

Over the next ten years, I spent time building earth block houses in Rwanda, assisting with impact investing projects in South America, and co-developing historic properties, including a commercial/residential highly energy-efficient corner property in downtown Baltimore.  Besides lots of doing, I also studied yoga internationally, becoming a yoga teacher (500 RYT).  I also spent much time on meditation retreats in monasteries in the US and afar. 

Most recently, I have become certified as an Embodied Flow (™) Somatic Movement Therapist.  The practice of somatics is now an integral part of my healing practice.   I feel that the somatic practice of holding a person in their wholeness and healthfulness while being present to challenges can bring about profound healing. 

Being a meditator since my early twenties, I bring awareness to the everyday acts of living: walking and sitting, cooking and eating, gardening and communicating.   I practice in the Plum Village Zen Buddhist tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.   Besides my home practice, I enjoy facilitating meetings of locally- based Flowers of Peace sangha and participating in regional, national and international sangha groups.   

Most recently, I have assisted people who desire a wholesome approach to business dealings.  With my background in law,  I am able to discern the legal underpinnings of business challenges and offer practical, loving solutions.   

I offers sessions in person at her Charles Village studio in Baltimore City as well as ZOOM sessions.    


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