Yoga for Every Body

Even the most experienced yoga teachers worldwide view themselves as beginners in a constant state of refining practice. Each student of yoga takes a non-competitive, thorough, humble, and detailed approach in classes which helps them progress, while remaining a very different prospect to sports or dance. Yoga is an internal pursuit, which can in turn create greater connection in community. Quality instruction gives students the opportunity to know how to move mindfully within poses, to get the maximum therapeutic benefit from them. Move slowly, understand anatomy, integrate breath, and the practice becomes quickly familiar. There are a variety of teachers with varying approaches who reserve space at Baltimore Yoga Village. Each unique with their own unique student populations, yoga is deeply personal. Courses offer the opportunity to be in class with a consistent group with the same teacher and to build class by class toward a particular aim. Whether you have chronic pain or want advanced flexibility, finding the right teacher and right course for your needs creates that deeper connection and fosters the idea that truly yoga  is for every body. View the current class schedule for upcoming courses or drop in classes with the teachers currently reserving spots at BYV.


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