Prenatal Services

Join The Birth Well for a suite of services specifically designed to educate and support women on the birthing journey and believes that peace begins with how babies are brought into the world and that women can have empowered and peaceful birthing experiences in the hospital or the home.

Prenatal Yoga honors the unique capacity of the pregnant body while honoring the changing psyche of the expectant mother. Appropriate for beginners and all levels of experience, in these classes, women relax in the company of other women in a sacred space, exercising in preparation for childbirth. The classes combine discussion, gentle yoga stretches, creative movement, breathwork, massage and guided imagery to cultivate a deeper awareness, trust, and confidence in our body’s innate resources for pregnancy, labor, and birth. Classes with The Birth Well are held in 6 week sessions at Baltimore Yoga Village. View the Specialty Courses page to read on and register for the next 6 week session. Cost: $90 for six weeks.

Prenatal Yoga for Couples/ Partner Yoga: The presence, encouragement and support of a woman’s partner is a powerful aid in pregnancy and in birthing. This workshop with Nilajah or The Birth Well, combines discussion, massage, yoga, and comfort techniques to support couples in connecting with their unborn baby while enhancing their awareness and confidence in the birthing process. View Workshops page for the next workshop date and to register.

Baltimore Yoga Village has evolved since the closure of our spaces in 2020.

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