Kids Classes & Camps

At Baltimore Yoga Village, we seek to empower all ages from infants to elderly. Check out our offerings for babies, youth, and young adults! Check out our classes and summer camps! Are you expecting? We offer Prenatal too!

Kids Yoga (ages 6 – 10)  is a wonderful opportunity for children to enhance self awareness, imagination and creativity, improve social interaction and aid in relaxing their bodies and minds… Through fun warm-ups, breathing games, dances, yoga poses, and relaxation exercises, children are encouraged to maintain focus, work on strength, balance, coordination and flexibility all in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere.

Teen Girl Yoga Squad gives teenage girls a non-competitive venue for social interaction, proper exercise, positive thinking, and relaxation. With techniques that will help to improve concentration, sleeping patterns, and physical flexibility, the benefits of this class filter into every aspect of their daily lives.

Coed Yoga for Teens Energizes bodies, calm minds, and improves focus weekly in a class that will helps to build the flexibility and strength you need every day. Geared towards ages 12-17, this class welcomes anyone who is interested in seeing what yoga can do for them.

Momma (or caretaker) and Baby yoga offers quality time with your body and baby. Rebalance your body and rejuvenate your energy while enjoying time with your baby and building social connections with other new moms. Babies are gently and safely incorporated into the class as observers or active participants using soothing massage, yoga poses and songs, movements and stretches to engage and delight. Babies ages 6 weeks to 9 months.

Summer Kids Yoga Camp Yoga Camp offers your child a fun an relaxing way to start summer vacation! At Yoga Camp we strive to create opportunities which help children bring their active minds into union with active bodies. They will engage in activities which focus and calm helping them to both connect with their bodies and enable them to feel empowered and confident. At camp we work in small groups and larger groups, and spend time relaxing together and in order to develop friendships and bonds that are truly unique! Camp activities include traditional yoga asana practice, breathing techniques, nature walks, introduction to Mindfulness, journaling, crafts, and relaxation!

A Typical day at Camp Includes:

  • Yoga
  • Nature Walks (weather permitting)
  • Art and craft activities
  • music, songs, chants, dance
  • healthy snack
  • yoga games
  • relaxation
  • closing activities

What we learn at Camp:

  • Yoga poses
  • Yoga games
  • Mindfulness and self-calming techniques
  • Breathing practices
  • Self-reflection through journaling
  • Appreciate nature
  • Fun songs, chants and artwork

Our Teachers:

Young and positive influences on the youth, these teachers are also experienced yoga teachers who find fun and creative ways to keep the youth engaged in yoga, and work to set a foundation for a healthy life.

In cases of inclement weather, check the class schedules page 2 hours prior to the scheduled class for possible cancellations.