Yoga Anatomy Academy with Dr. Arielle Foster


Yoga Anatomy Academy brings you their signature online yoga anatomy mentorship, study groups, courses, anatomy-based yoga asana, + yoga therapy classes with heart + soul. Founder, Dr. Ariele Foster, is a doctor of physical therapy and a yoga teacher since 2001, as well as creator of the Yoga Journal courses Yoga for 3D Hip Stability and Fascia Release for Yoga. She has taught upwards of 10,000 students over her 20 years of teaching, and she has treated (and continues to treat) thousands of patients one-on-one. Ariele is delighted to create the Yoga Anatomy Academy community and to invite you to it.

Yoga Anatomy Mentorship – 12 Module program [Online Course + Community + Live Mentorship]


Join Yoga Anatomy Academy’s online 12-module in-depth comprehensive anatomy mentorship and get forever-access to this 30+ hour (+ live office hours) experience. 3 Part Payment plan details can be found here. If you have any trouble checking out, email


Application for scholarships for BIPOC and other underrepresented folks is now closed due to high volume of applicants.

Join us for Yoga Anatomy Academy’s Online Yoga Anatomy Mentorship, thought-provoking 12-module program to understand anatomy in direct application to your teaching or practice.

Whether you are a student of yoga, a yoga teacher, an anatomy newbie, or a certified “anatomy nerd”, this program will expand your nuanced understanding of the human body.

We use make complex material relevant and digestible to your time on the mat.

Why Study Yoga Anatomy?

Do you see yourself teaching or practicing hatha yoga (yoga asana and more) in 10, 20, or 30 years?

Fabulous. Then you’ll understand our two-fold inspiration:

One, we believe that if you teach yoga asana, even if is just one part of your profession, knowing anatomy is eventually – if not always – essential. Knowledge of anatomy is invaluable to your own physical well-being as well as vital, career-enriching goodness. It’s also a sure sign to your students that you care deeply.

Two, the ancient yogic lineage of mentorship and community has been supplanted by in-and-out teacher trainings and one-off workshops (both of which can also be lovely. However…). These tend to leave teachers and dedicated students adrift. We believe that the format of longer-term, “dripped” information, with ongoing access to a highly qualified mentor (a doctor of physical therapy and 2 decade plus yoga teacher), allows yogis to better integrate new concepts and sustain steady inspiration.

Yoga Anatomy Academy believes that learning should be fun. The best learning happens with guidance and accountability, in community where other anatomy-curious yogis will ask the best questions (as they go through the program materials at their own pace!).


Yogis, you don’t have to be an expert at all things.

You don’t even have to be an “expert” at anatomy to be a kick-ass asana teacher. But you do want to know enough to see students’ bodies and teach with confidence. Participation in this mentorship is an investment in the longevity and quality of your career and your physical well-being.

“Being able to watch the dog & do this training at the same time is awesome.”

How We’ll Learn

  • Weekly modules contain multiple short, bite-sized video lectures, mostly averaging 10 minutes or less. This will mean you can go through the mentorship materials while on lunch break, between yoga classes, in small chunks throughout your day easily wherever you go. Although streamlined, it is a lot of material, so this is a HUGE plus!   
  • Each module contains at a non-graded mini-quiz to help seal in your knowledge
  • Whenever you have questions, comments, concerns, you can post them to our group discussion area
  • During live “office hours”, get deeper level, enriched information from your mentor, allowing you to integrate intelligent anatomy into your yoga practice and teaching in real time, with support.

Office Hours

Office hours is a live, gathering open to all mentees from all time. In addition to discussing information from the modules, we discuss other topics related to movement science, teaching yoga, trauma-sensitivity, and occasionally host guest teachers.

Throwback to mentee squeeze at Floyd Yoga Jam


These gatherings encourage active participation, discussion, and clarification. All sessions will be recorded so you may join live or watch later.

What if I can’t attend live? How will I be able to interact?

You’ll also have access to an exclusive online mentoring membership discussion group (including non-Facebook option), perfect for posting questions in as they come up (during and beyond the mentorship), and getting answers quickly AND searching to see if anyone else has asked a similar question.

As a novice yoga teacher I knew it was my responsibility to learn more about the body to keep my students and myself safe. This mentorship filled a big gap in my anatomy knowledge and even gave me the confidence to lead basic anatomy trainings for new teacher trainees. This mentorship is well worth the investment.” – Kasia Galicia, yoga teacher and fitness instructor Chicago / Washington, DC

Lifetime Access / What if I can’t finish in 12 weeks?

There is a LOT of material in this mentorship.

Registration for this program gives you Lifetime Access to all of the materials, the live calls and to the online forum. For as long as Yoga Anatomy Academy exists, you will have access to updated slides, recordings, manuals, etc, without ever paying a penny more.

Review as many times as you need, at a pace that works for your unique learning style.

Our mentorship is the HEART of what we do at Yoga Anatomy Academy, and our mentees are our VIPs (with first dibs on teaching on our online platform and assisting at live events).

I wanted to let you know how fantastic I have found Yoga Anatomy Academy and your instruction to be! I am so appreciative to see an experienced teacher that is persistent in the face of all the pressure in DC to conform to bendy/face-paced yoga.  And I have learned so much!! 😊💜” – Megan D., Yoga Teacher and Athlete

Why Study With Us?

Here at Yoga Anatomy Academy, we have an old-fashioned philosophy that amazing teachers are first curious students. We believe in the extraordinary art of mentorship. We believe that by helping to “re-fill the cup” of 1 yoga teacher (or student, or yoga teacher-to-be), we can positively impact hundreds of students, family and friends.

Thanks for challenging me to be inquisitive and curious about the way we teach yoga!” – Alisha L., former yoga studio owner, Specialist in Prenatal Yoga

We take an interdisciplinary, evidence-based approach to teaching yoga anatomy and welcome practitioners of all styles of yoga. We take pride in providing a safe environment (where there are no stupid questions), where you will be challenged and supported.

Also – we are not new to teaching online. We’ve been offering high quality, online education since 2013, and offering this online mentorship since 2015.

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