BYFree is an arm of BYV, Baltimore Yoga Village, supporting majority POC teachers in bringing wellness programs to underserved areas of Baltimore. Currently we have a partnership with 6 Enoch Pratt Libraries, which spread our efforts across East and West Baltimore, as well as Coppin State University, Ingoma Foundation, Druid Hill Park Farmers Market (in season), and Western High School. Unlike many organizations, our focus is not necessarily youth classes. We seek to reach older youth and adults with regular classes to support beginners to yoga all the way through Yoga Teacher Training for those who are most passionate about sharing wellness in the communities. Look out for future crowd sourcing campaigns to raise funds for teacher training scholarships for POC teachers. We believe in wellness for everyone and every body. We recognize the need for diversity and representation currently in Baltimore wellness communities in terms of teaching staff and we are seeking to bridge that gap as to subvert stigmas and issues of inaccessibility to wellness programming. Join us for a free class. Or help us in our mission by donating money, mats, and social media marketing to our growing collective of teachers.

Baltimore Yoga Village has evolved since the closure of our spaces in 2020.

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