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This guided yoga nidra practice invites you to consider the depths of your embodied subconscious

this practice invites deep dreaming and deep healing

we will begin with 10 minutes of gentle movement, breathing and mindfulness

followed by a ~ 40 minute yoga nidra practice, incorporating techniques to ease the midbrain and release deep embodied tension

trauma-informed, special focus on chronic pain, fatigue and/or illness

the practice will end with a creative invitation to incorporate into your week, such as a writing prompt, creative practice, dream techniques or personal rituals

these sessions are informed by studies of yoga nidra, self-hypnosis, meditation, chinese medicine, physiology, sleep science, sound healing and more

Note that this class is at 4:00 PST / 7:00 EST



dreamspells ~~eye exercises, yoga nidra, deep rest, journaling, doodling, intuitive & visualisation practices& an open dream share session

dreamspells ~~~ eye exercises, yoga nidra, deep rest, journaling, doodling, intuitive & visualisation practices, new moon intention setting, and an open dream share session

About this event:

~ dreamspells ~

dreamspells is a monthly, new-moon event that draws upon a variety of creative and meditative techniques to centre the wisdom of our intuitive inner realms. the aim is to refresh, replenish, and revitalize our creative energy. you will have space to write, to doodle, and otherwise externalize throughout the session. this is a two-hour event that includes a 15 minute break.

**this is an online event that occurs on zoom. the time given above is in eastern time zone (montreal, new york, bogotá).** 12 pm PST / 3 pm EST / 21:00 CET**

have you ever had a dream? have you ever had a daydream? have you ever thought about a dream? do you enjoy listening to others describing their dreams? are you interested in building a relationship with your dream-realm? do you ever feel you get stuck in a “mental thinking zone” and want to explore more embodied, image-oriented comprehension? do you have trouble sleeping and want a chance to rest, imagine, give your eyes a break from stimulation? do you ever wish connection (esp online) didn’t have to be so full-frontal, so requiring of direct attention, so quick-paced and immediate?

join us for deep rest and imaginative play.

suggested items to prepare:

*a journal/sketchbook for writing and doodling (or a voice recorder, watercolours, musical instrument, or any other form of expression)

*blankets, pillows, and cozymakers for your space.

*space to lay your body comfortably.

*tea! water! hydration!


all experiences with dreamwork are welcome.

you do not have to remember any recent dreams to join, you do not have to have “interesting dreams” to join. you’re welcome as a human who necessarily dreams.

witness mode is welcome! you never have to share.

this is mainly an audio event, and there will be automatic captioning available.


• to be asked your access needs at registration and at the start of session

• automatic captioning and instructions in the chat

• bilingual instruction based on who is in session

• the choice to have your video on/off, or to interact via voice/chat in accordance with your needs on a given day

• a substantial break and opportunities to rest your body / eyes / nervous system from screens

• an environment where your body’s wisdom is respected

• this space to center bipoc experiences

• opportunities to ask questions and voice requests

facilitated by bára + malek

bára: poet, multidisciplinary artist, editor, facilitator, whose practice ranges across embodiment to dreaming.

malek: scorpio moon with a chart ruled by mercury in cancer, who has always made important life decisions via dreams.


pay what you can! (and free if you need that right now)

<3 <3 <3 <3

Please submit any questions to: spacesforhumans@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Bára Hladik

I am an artist working with creativity, mindfulness and yoga nidra as a means to transform chronic pain, illness and trauma into creative expression.
Bára’s magical guidance has helped me make light of my unending body pain. Their meditations and moving soundscapes taught me to love the most armoured parts of myself and let go of everything. To feel the flame as it burns, to cherish the darkness, to honor every wrong turn as the chosen path of our warriorship—these teachings will forever remain with me thanks to her warm and beautiful heart.

Colene Curtis

Bara’s meditation sessions were the gentle landing space I needed at the end of a particularly stressful period in a challenging year. I felt so safe with their voice, visualization techniques, and sound choices to guide us. I was able to ground in my body, breath, and emotions in ways I wouldn’t have been able to access without their care. I hope many more people get the opportunity to be in Bara’s virtual presence. It’s an immersive and healing experience.

Kelly Cubbon

"A dream is a
mirror to the self"

My Story

I am an artist of Slavic, Jewish and Roma descent working with creativity, mindfulness and yoga nidra as a means to transform chronic pain, illness and trauma into creative expression.
My practice emerges from a decade of studying poetry, philosophy and social justice while also studying and healing my autoimmune diseases. Yoga nidra and meditation came to me as a way of surviving deep sickness and incited my study of Vedic, Buddhist and Taoist philosophy. I am now furthering my study in my training to become a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. These lessons have taught me the healing powers of the embodied subconscious and the transformative lessons of creativity. My sessions invite deep explorations of the self in order to transform on a cellular and subconscious level.


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