Anjali Sunita (she/her)

Specialties: Traditional and Gentle Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Breath-Work (pranayama) & Yoga History.

Upcoming Courses

Rasa: Indian Cooking Through The Lens of Ayurveda

This Course begins live classes on January 15th, but we have about 1.5-2 hours of prep material for you, so please register by Jan 8th if possible. You can use this link or better go to: RASA! to preview the course.

The course concludes live sessions Feb 19th with an in person dinner TBD or optionally a gift box sent to you afterwards for those not meeting in person by then. This is more than a six week experience!

Yoga practitioners all over the world are riding the rollercoaster of uneven energy and lacking context needed to nourish themselves and don’t actually know why. We make space for you to bring mindfulness to this common aspect of daily life and make CHANGE!

Who is this course for:

This course is for yoga practitioners seeking a healing, accessible journey with cooking and Ayurveda to compliment your everyday yoga practice. * However, all are welcome.

Why we created this:

We designed this course after years of experience answering questions about nourishment, sustaining a disciplined practice, and building intuitive cooking skills to serve individual lifestyle.

You receive:

Access to 6 live-streamed classes (with recordings offered)

Additional videos, which are short & to the point. No Fluff. Crystal clear information and Ayurveda and practical ‘how to’ cooking lessons!

Writings and recipes: Each week receive written course materials and recipes for your safe keeping and easy reference.

A 1:1 20 minute session with Anjali to tailor your next steps.

A meal at Savitha’s or goodies sent to you (your choice).

One year access to all content: You get access to all the videos for 1 year – refer back to them as many times as you like.

This is not just another course to be watched. It is about bringing application into your day to day life. Setting into motion a new paradigm, the nourished practitioner. No more taking care of everyone except yourself. This course is a great first step to sustaining a lifestyle that allows you to better support others. And you continue your education at the same time!

A gently-paced class, grounded in the belief that body and breath are powerful vehicles of transformation available to everyone.

Jan 17 – Feb 7th, Mondays 3:15 pm EDT for four weeks, online through zoom with recordings offered to everyone if missed.

A great choice for students seeking to build a life-long practice for nourishing body and soul, and for those living with arthritis or working to recover strength and flexibility after injury. Students will learn therapeutic principles of alignment; we will introduce variations with props (including the wall and chairs at times) to access poses safely, deeply and comfortably; and breathing practices to promote energy, concentration and relaxation. Beginners welcome. “Beginner’s Mind” encouraged.

Hi, I’m Anjali Sunita

I am the founder of Village Life Wellness and Baltimore Yoga Village platform. I offer Ayurvedic wellness consultations, and courses in yoga and pranayama from an Ayurvedic perspective. As a biracial Desi woman, I share with a deep respect for traditional roots of the practices with a focus on accessibility and equity. To learn more about me, read my story below, see, and follow @villagelifewellness on Instagram and Facebook. I love to write and share about yoga and Ayurveda here on my blog: Connecting with people, listening, and adapting is my gift. Whether a 1:1 consultation, a course, or teacher training, we start from wherever you are; From there we find the magic, joy and interconnectedness through simple things: movement, breath, food, singing, plants, and life. These practices open up worlds and bring us home to ourselves.

Anjali is my absolute favorite go-to Ayurvedic practicitoner of the entire earth. . . ! I have studied Ayurveda under her careful tutelage (now a practice that subtly informs almost all my waking decisions), as well as consulted with her personally many times about the right path for me to take in terms of diet, self-care, and physical practices that will soothe my typically pitta/vata nature. Although we are living on opposite sides of the world right now, I still consider one of my most effective healers and have had much ease in meeting with her online. Anjali’s knowledge is deep, and from the heart as well as from the mind, and she is kind, playful, and accessible. I cannot recommend her services enough–particularly for the stuff other healers might look over or ignore. She gets to the root of it all.

Ann Everton, Yoga Teacher & Hair Designer

I love Anjali. She is the real deal. I love her authentic, calm, presence and the way she makes me feel like I belong here. In a room full of people, she sees me. She sees each of us as individuals bringing something unique to the mat and to the community. She listens, observes and makes me feel part of something greater. I remember returning home from a class and telling my wife, “She sang to us!” I felt so nourished and nurtured! Anjali has a true gift and she will share it with you!

Lynette Connelly, Therapist

Anjali meets you at your current level of understanding of energy work and “alternative medicine” to make your time together as valuable as possible — breaking down concepts for beginners, or building on existing knowledge. She and her teachings are a gift, and one you are worth giving to yourself (or anyone you love).

Adrien Leacy, Therapist

'Live without shame or apology just as you are today.'

My Story

For me, yoga and Ayurveda have been an integrated healing journey which not only rid me of chronic eczema and anxiety, but continue to transform my mind and relationships. I know what it’s like to struggle physically and mentally and I know what it is to heal and flourish.

I grew up in Southwest Baltimore and trucked across the city to Roland Park Country School where I felt different and struggled to fit in. My identity as a biracial woman and incidents of assault from an early age, led me into some dark nights of the soul. Theater, music, and dance were my outlets. I was introduced to some basic postures, breathing, and philosophy by a brilliant theater professor in high school, who taught us techniques intended to help us develop our natural voices. The philosophy was derived from yogic philosophy, which led me onto a journey to embrace the wisdom of ancestors from India. Once I dove deeper into cultural wisdom of the place of my mother’s birth, I went through a further crisis of learning how colonialism has disconnected my family (and so many families) from our wisdom. In college, I pursued degrees in Theater and History with a focus on gender and colonialism, as well as North Indian Classical singing lessons with Guruji Hasu Patel. I watched my family suffer with depression and the stresses of living out the pressures of the American Dream and sought out a different path, which has driven my learning for the past few decades.

In 2004, I went to India to study, and spent a year living between the Sivananda ashrams and centers in Kerela, New Delhi, and in Val Morin, Quebec. I returned to Baltimore to share the simple messages of what had been for me profoundly healing.  I shared everywhere that would have me: schools, detention centers, yoga centers, ashrams, retreat centers, and private homes continuously. In 2007, I began Baltimore Yoga Village yoga center, which in two years, expanded into two small studios, where I had the joy of hosting and learning from many teachers for the next fourteen years. I have organized non-profit programs (BYFREE) in collaboration with Enoch Pratt Free Libraries to provide teaching opportunities to BIPOC teachers in under-resourced areas in Baltimore city.

In 2015, I lived in New Mexico studying with my teacher, Dr. Vasant Lad, at the Ayurvedic Institute; in 2016, I went back to India to further study with him in his city and village clinics in Pune and with another Ayurvedic Doctor in Jaipur. I share diet and lifestyle concepts from the indigenous medicine of India, Ayurveda in group settings, and offer 1:1 consultations for anyone seeking to tailor these concepts to their unique daily life rhythms.

I am blessed to have had incredible teachers and guides in my life, who show me that every day I am just beginning.

I am from a family of immigrants and traveling is in my blood; it’s when I feel most alive. I love learning from and engaging with people of every culture and sharing what I have learned. I have recently immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand, where I live with my partner and his two sons.


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