About BYV

Baltimore Yoga Village is a safe space for everyone of every ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, age, and culture to explore the teachings of yoga as well as other ancient, tried and tested, healing and expressive modalities. BYV houses wellness businesses who seek to make a difference in the lives of the community. Come enjoy what each one of them have to offer.

Our History

In 2007, Anjali, who had been teaching at The Ahimsa Yoga Centre, purchased the assets of the space to begin a new vision as a studio founder. Hers was a vision of a multi-faceted community-oriented center where people in Baltimore could meet each other and become like a true village of support to each other while rooting in a likeminded environment where everyone appreciated the healing peace of regular yoga and meditation practice. Hers was a vision of supporting privately established teachers of many modalities, sincere human beings, who would make teachings easily accessible to everyone. Teachers added unique courses in momma-baby yoga, prenatal yoga, and classes for the elders, like yoga over 50 and yoga for arthritis. Anjali believes that when younger and elders come together, there is always a greater potential for exciting natural knowledge of our people to come forward and she is grateful to have the opportunity to maintain a space where this synergy happens naturally. Eventually the entire renovation of the “hampden” Mill Centre space gave new life to our tucked away city sanctuary.

Meanwhile in 2009, Quantum Yoga in the Lake Falls Village shopping centre went out of business and Anjali acquired this space as well, now expanding opportunity for the teaching community across two close but very distinct Baltimore neighborhoods. It has been her dream, since growing up in Southwest Baltimore and trucking across town to go to school each morning, to bridge some of the divides of Baltimore neighborhoods, i.e. who goes where, and who has access to what. Both spaces named Baltimore Yoga Village, she hoped the common name of the studio locations would bring more enable diverse populations to join together in the love of wellness, health, and peace.

Baltimore Yoga Village has grown as its community has grown,  into a place that has birthed many businesses, relationships, music bands, health and wellness collaborations, and more, as people have indeed gotten to know each other. The number of classes offered has more than doubled. From sound healing, meditation weekly, yoga asana, chanting, special needs classes, and even some forms of dance and qigong, BYV has supported a diversity of programs and wellness businesses. “Everything at BYV is centered around community and joy”, says a testimonial for happy yogini April T. And this has become true with the great love each teacher and wellness business gives to their services. As trusted locations which supports individuals to hold group classes, BYV has been a large part of growing an ecosystem of wellness in Baltimore. The greatest intent is to open the door to a  peaceful environment, such that everyone has time each day to go inward to the peace and joy that is all of our true natures.