Wellbeing for Every Body in Baltimore and Beyond

Baltimore Yoga Village is a health and wellness hub which markets and platforms practitioners in private practice. Highly trained and skilled professionals in yoga, community herbalism, meditation, pranayama, Ayurveda, psychology, and fitness form this platform, where you can find individualized sessions and online and in person group courses to fit the particulars of your daily schedule. We especially highlight courses that catalyze physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation and seek to amplify local and international festivals, retreats, and high level trainings.

For those looking for a home to practice or as a practitioner to share your work and passion with the community, welcome to the Village.


Interested in Herbalism?

Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center is a gem that has turned 10 years old. For many years their programs have been based in Costa Rica and Maryland and now they currently work online. Learn about their many opportunities to learn from community based herbalists and educators.

For Wellness Entrepreneurs

The School of Soulful Abundance is a 16 week journey for visionary entrepreneurs to build the clarity, confidence, and strategy to get paid to do what they love. This is a program by Elyse Preston of BeMore Connected.

For Living Your Practice

Ayurveda (आयुवेद’) is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the planet, with roots on the Indian subcontinent. A sister science to yoga, it is both a preventative and healing medical science, which helps each individual move toward a state of total balance. In Ayurveda each person is treated as unique and the relationship between client and practitioner is sacred.

Me and my grandpa are loving yoga and we thank you nice peoples with our hearts.

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