Yoga for Every Body

You do not have to fit into yoga poses

Baltimore Yoga Village creates safe spaces and houses authentic wellness programs for those who make a difference in the community. If you are a growing, established wellness business looking to expand your network, root into a sacred community space, and meet like-minds, contact us; and we would love to host you and yours. If you are a seeking student or a brand new beginner to yoga, qigong, dance, or any of the services currently thriving in our spaces, you are sure to find something of great interest in the variety of classes offered, as well as one day workshops, and 6-10 week specialty courses available. There is something for everyone at Baltimore Yoga Village. Read on and learn more about this unique venue and consider how you would like to plug into this welcoming community.


New Student Special

$25 for two weeks!

Try all of the drop in classes and find your perfect fit! (Limit: One class per day).  Offer available on first visit only.


The Yoga Teacher Training at Baltimore Yoga Village is a comprehensive and experiential training for those interested in studying the essence of classical yoga practices, theories, and roots with additional mentorship possibilities for those interested in teaching. The program is not designed to make you a BYV teacher; rather it is designed to bring your natural voice so that all communication including teaching is direct, honest, non-performative, relaxed, and free.


Did you know Baltimore Yoga Village offers many pricing options including 5, 10, and 25 class cards, as well as drop in options?


Village Life Wellness, LLC offers holistic health retreats and trainings in some of the world’s most exciting and relaxing destinations. Check back later for our next yoga retreat or holistic health program soon.


Ayurveda (आयुवेद’) is one of the oldest natural healing systems in the planet, with roots on the Indian subcontinent. A sister science to yoga, it is both a preventative and healing medical science, which helps each individual move toward a state of total balance. In Ayurveda each person is treated as unique and the relationship between client and practitioner is sacred.

I have experienced five current teachers from BYV so far and not once had an experience that was below a rating of “excellent”. I don’t mean just competent, passable, skilled, technically proficient, and able to communicate yoga philosophy and inspiration. I don’t just mean able to assess and adapt to the needs of new and disabled students. I mean excellent, outsanding, inspiring, imparting life-c…
Bill D.