Yoga Retreats

The Yoga of R/evolutionary R/elating Retreat

New Dates: April 6 – 10, 2018

New Location: Baltimore Yoga Village, Hampden.

We moved local to accommodate those who wanted to come from the area. Everyone interested was from the Baltimore area and most could not afford the accommodation at YogaVille. But what’s most important to us is the work and the community!

New Investment: Friday – Sunday only $250.

Full immersion Friday – Tuesday $420

The Full immersion is for those who want to go deeper in a smaller group. Highly recommended!

The days of solitary spiritual enlightenment have passed us. Buddhist monk Thich Nacht Han has said something like, the next time Buddha comes it will not be as an individual but as a community.

“…this interpersonal spiritual practice can’t just
be learned intellectually. It must be practiced,
integrated, embodied… So when I teach a
workshop in which I share ideas and skills,
that’s just the beginning!…

What’s really needed is a community of practice,
coming together to dive in deeply to the practice.
to learn, experientially, through open-hearted
engagement with each other… I am deeply
committed to co-creating such community.”  – Taber Shadburne, Retreat Co-leader

Trust. Playfulness. Connection. Diving deep into your inner landscape to see how you show up in relationships, to heal relationships with others and most primarily with yourself.

“Concepts of yoga like truth-telling and awareness, while they sound good, can be elusive to us when the rubber meets the road. Real truth-telling is not dogmatic talking about beliefs, but instead deeper feeling, listening,  willingness to sit through discomfort of being vulnerable and still remaining vulnerable and open.”  – Anjali Sunita, Retreat Co-leader

Learn to feel your truth viscerally and speak it responsibly, ask for what you want, and therefore get more of what you want more of the time! Can you imagine relationships that go way beyond your status quo of conditions, real unconditional love? Can you imagine inner transformation that is reflected deeply by those around you?

“The support of mindful yoga sessions, meditation, and gentle pranayama can soften the process of learning to feel on this deep level and calm the nervous system enough to be able to deal with hard stuff of relating. And the group work with Taber will forever change your life.”  – Anjali

Please join us for 5 days of deep work
Each day will include: group communication sessions with rich activities and exercises, opportunities to speak without judgement what is arising and be counseled to become more clear in this communication, along with physical nourishment and movement meditations.
Your Investment:
Friday – Sunday $250 only! Friday – Tuesday $420
Register through www.baltimoreyogavillage.com/workshops or for help registering email: byvmanager@gmail.com

Learn more about this work at www.taberji.com