Introduction to Yoga

For next start dates of our beginner’s series, please see the Specialty Courses page.

Hatha Yoga and its Benefits

Hatha Yoga is the ancient practice of physical postures, breath work and meditation for the purpose of calming the mind and experience the fullness of the heart. While Hatha Yoga benefits people in different ways, it’s generally found to strengthen and tone muscles, balance metabolism, release endorphins, and improve circulation of the body’s vital energy. Regular practitioners of hatha yoga often experience a greater sense of wellbeing, an ability to focus, and a calmer mind.

What to Expect from your Beginners Series


The level of challenge experienced varies among students. Our classes are designed to challenge you in a safe and informative manner. We can adapt to specific needs of students through use of props or modified poses. These courses are designed to make you feel comfortable to step into any beginner or mixed level class at Baltimore Yoga Village.  It is important to keep in mind that yoga is a non-competitive practice. We encourage students to focus on their own body and experiences felt within the poses and breathing exercises.


Introduction to Yoga series and Yoganomics 101 series offer a unique opportunity to study for 6-10 weeks with the same class; No drop in students are allowed in these classes which enables the teacher to focus on you and your level. You will find support amongst other beginners and be able to build relationships with your classmates.


Class sizes vary but tend to be between 8 and 20 students. Classes are also typically smaller after the first class as usually not every student is able to attend each week.

How to Prepare for Class

Clothing & Props

Wear something you feel comfortable moving in. Please avoid particularly baggy or loose clothing so that teachers may check your alignment or clothing so tight that your movement is restricted. We provide all mats and props. You may bring your own or use ours at no extra cost. Sticky rubber mats are available for purchase at Baltimore Yoga Village, Mt. Washington.

Water & Food

Students are encouraged to hydrate before and after class, but drink only if needed during practice. Please bring your own water bottle or cup or you can use what we have provided that you wash the cup after use. We encourage practicing on an empty or very light stomach.

Physical Conditions

BEFORE CLASS, let your teacher know if you are pregnant or if you have any injuries or physical conditions that could impact your practice. While yoga is often challenging and not always comfortable, yoga should not hurt. If you experience any pain, stop what you are doing and alert the teacher. Your teacher can help you with modifications. If a modification doesn’t feel right, let your teacher know.