Instructor Bios

Anjali Sunita As a biracial woman of Indian descent, Anjali Sunita E-RYT, Baltimore Yoga Village Founder and Director had the opportunity to travel back and forth to India many times over her life, where she eventually received her first and second yoga teaching certificates through the Sivnananda Yoga Dhanwantari Ashram in Kerela, India. She is additionally certified in AcroYoga organization, prenatal yoga with Janice Clarfield, and children’s yoga through YoKid, and continues studies through numerous programs held at Baltimore Yoga Village. She is certified as an ayurvedic consultant by Dr. Vasant Lad and the Ayurvedic Institute where she completed the full-time consultant program as well as additional intensives and internship in Pune, India. She has also received panchakarma (deep ayurvedic detox) therapy certificates from Dr. Rajesh Kalvadia in Jaipur, India, where she continues study each year. Anjali co-teaches the 200 and 300 hour Jivan Yoga Teacher Training course at Baltimore Yoga Village.


Sarah Cook believes in teaching a practice rooted in the clarity of strong alignment which inherently gives rise to more freedom and healing in the body and in the spirit. The first time she stepped foot on the mat was simply in an effort to stay out of trouble and lose a few pounds. Since that day in 2006, she has kept her love affair with yoga passionately alive with a healthy balance between self discipline and self exploration. She loves to teach a challenging flow. Expect the unexpected, perhaps some humor and often some irreverence.

Sarah is a 500 hour Jivan Yoga certified teacher and has completed an advanced training with Ana Forrest but she remains an eternal student.


Elisabeth Gambino is a 500-hr registered yoga teacher with certifications in vinyasa and hatha yoga. In addition, she regularly advances her study with retreats at Kripalu and Sivananda ashrams.  She has studied various forms including yin yoga, Iyengar, Life Force Yoga, yoga dance, acro yoga, Sivananda, and kundalini, and completed trainings with Cora Wen, Hari Kirin, Todd Norian, Megha Buttenheim, and Amy Weintraub.  Elisabeth has been teaching yoga since 2007, and incorporates mindfulness into her art instruction as well.  Elisabeth came to yoga to heal a nerve injury and her classes feature a deep attention to alignment, strength building, and breath. She supports  students in developing a personal practice that they can maintain throughout their life.

  Leanora Eubanks (Lea) is a certified Therapeutic Yoga & Kids Yoga Teacher through Yama Studio’s 200 hour Therapeutic Program and YoKid, holds a BA in Urban Studies from Eastern University, works as an Outward Bound wilderness instructor, and has earned her Occupational Therapy Assistant degree. Her classes encourage awareness of the physical, energetic and psycho-emotional levels (koshas) within the body-mind; and include energizing and/or gentile yoga movements (asana), breath-work (pranayama), positive affirmations and meditative stillness. She has enjoyed sharing the yoga experience with various Baltimore communities: from city/federal jail detainees to church congregations, yoga studios and corporate employees (i.e. Johns Hopkins & Kennedy Krieger). 

As a Baltimore Yoga Village teacher, Leanora is delighted to give back to the authentic and inspiring community that has nurtured her personal yoga practice over the years.

Reclaiming pregnancy/childbirth as a sacred rite of passage is Nilajah Brown’s life work and passion. She has been serving women and families as a Sacred-birthing consultant for over 10 years. She brings a wealth of traditional birthing wisdom from African, Caribbean and Native American midwives. She is a professionally trained mother, pregnancy yoga therapist, childbirth educator, doula, reiki practitioner, and lactation consultant. Her focus is on supporting women in tuning into their innate wisdom as they transition from pregnancy through labor and into motherhood.

Nilajah teaches prenatal yoga courses as well as Momma & Baby classes at Baltimore Yoga Village.

Vivian Campagna, a certified yoga instructor since 2002, Vivian is celebrating 15 years of teaching and 21 years of immersing herself in the many facets of yoga practice and tradition. After earning full certification in the Anusara method, an advanced certification that is the equivalent of the Yoga Alliance ERYT 500 designation, Vivian has chosen to evolve these teachings into her own unique teaching style. She feels super blessed to have trained thousands of classroom and apprenticeship hours with her main teacher Susie Hurley to whom she offers full pranams of gratitude. Always a student, Viv is grateful for her opportunities to study with leading scholars including sanskrit studies with Vyaas Houston, yoga philosophy with Dr. Douglas Brooks, Dr. WIlliam K. Mahony, Dr. Carlos Pomeda and Dr. Paul Muller-Ortega, and Ayurveda with Kate Stillman. Vivian’s primary asana teachers are Sianna Sherman, Noah Maze and Christina Sell who continually inspire her through their brilliant teaching. Vivian loves living in Baltimore and being a part of the Baltimore Yoga VIllage community. She wishes to express gratitude to every student she is fortunate to encounter, and most of all, deep appreciation and love goes out to her husband John and daughter Lila for their boundless love and support.

Erin Gahan has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2007. Erin received her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification from Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia and went on to complete her 300 hour yoga teacher training certification right here through Jivan Yoga Teacher Training at Baltimore Yoga Village. Erin has studied and infuses her classes with multiple styles of movement including Vinyasa, Kundalini, traditional Hatha yogas and dance.  Every class includes pranayama and mindfulness meditation. All levels are welcomed in Erin’s classes. Expect to breathe, move and smile. All you will need to bring to classes is an open mind and an open heart.
Noe’s Bachelor of Science degree is in Sports Medicine and she worked in this field for 8 years. She then became a certified physician assistant and has worked in Orthopedic Surgery for the past 12 years. Currently Noe is very honored to work at the Curtis National Hand Center specializing in conditions of the hand and upper extremity. Noe discovered the benefits of yoga seven years ago and has been a passionate student ever since.  Her main asana teacher is Vivian Campagna who’s Anusara yoga background with a focus on biomechanics and alignment resonates with Noe‘s interest in the same. Yoga philosophy has also become a passion and her main teacher is Christopher Hareesh Wallis.  She was received her Jivan 500 hour yoga teacher training at Baltimore Yoga Village.
As a yoga instructor, she shares her knowledge of body mechanics and alignment to help her students realize the full the  benefits of the poses . Yoga philosophy is also incorporated into her classes in a way that is readily applicable and beneficial to daily modern life.

 _GRJ5518-Edit Dee Satterfield was born and raised on the Sandtown-Winchester side of west Baltimore City. She discovered yoga as a single mother in college and was inspired and amazed by yoga’s transformative ability to release hurt, pain, and disappointment; replacing those things with love, compassion, and understanding of oneself. She believes that yoga is an everyday practice both on and off the mat in her life. To Dee, being true to you and serving others is the highest form of love to the universe. She understands that loving and accepting your body image is the greatest thing one could discover.

 Marley Keller, E-RYT 500, has an extensive background in dance and psychology helped set the foundation for her career as a yoga instructor to children and adults. In 2006, Marley received her 200 hour yoga teacher training from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and spent the next 3 years dedicated to completing both a 200 and 500 hour teacher training program with an emphasis on yoga therapeutics at Golden Heart Yoga in Annapolis MD.Since 2006, Marley has been teaching both private and group classes to children and adults. Although mainly influenced by Anusara and Parayoga and her teacher and mentor, Rod Stryker, Marley brings elements of various styles of yoga into her yoga sessions.

Sylvia Levenson began practicing yoga in 2008. Within one year, her passive adventure grew into a full time passion. Her interest in the mental and holistic aspects of yoga as well as a devotion to explore an alignment based approach progressed into her desire to learn more about the ancient discipline. Sylvia was drawn to the sequencing of nationally recognized Rodney Yee and is strongly influenced by the methods and alignment techniques of yoga guru BKS Iyengar. Sylvia believes in yoga discipline as a lifestyle, infusing her everyday with purpose and meaning. Her objective is to share this knowledge and unique “postural alignment” yoga training through motivational classes and dedication to her students.
0707 Chris Jamison has studied human movement for more than three decades.  First as a modern dancer, primarily the Martha Graham technique, then from clinical and scientific viewpoints. He has been a Physical Therapist for 30 years and has a Masters Degree in Biomechanics and Motor Control. This experience give him a keen eye for alignment and a skilled touch in assisting the student to deepen their practice.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Claudia began her formal yoga training in 1984. Once Yoga works in Santa Monica opened, she spent 10 years assisting and teaching along side some of the most noteworthy teachers of our time. She traveled and studied with Pattabhi Jois (creator of the Ashtanga Yoga System), and completed several Yoga Teacher Training programs, assisted Erich Shiffman for several years, and then studied and taught at Forrest Yoga, under the direction of Anna Forrest. In 2005 she received certification in Anusara Yoga from John Friend. In 2012 she began studying again with Yogarupa Rod Stryker in the Tantra tradition, completing several of the Para Yoga Teacher’s Trainings. Claudia’s classes reflect her rich background of yoga experience as well as the love and dedication to her life-long practice of yoga. 
Deborah Quirk is a YT 500 and Dance/movement therapist. She completed her 500YTT at the Columbia Yoga Center in Columbia,MD in December of 2013. While Deborah teaches Vinyasa Yoga this YTT focused on alignment and Yoga therapeutics which continues to inspire her teaching and personal practice of Yoga. Deborah’s love of dance/movement began as a child studying dance with her father who owned and operated dance studios in Dallas,TX. Deborah completed a 50 hr Yin Yoga and Essential Oils training in 2017 at Laughing Lotus Yoga,NYC and continues her her study of Myofascial Release with Dr. Ariele Foster. Deborah’s classes include music and poetry , creating yoga classes rich with imagery promoting body awareness, mindfulness and an embodied movement experience.

 sina Certified 200-hour and kid’s yoga teacher via Jivan Yoga teacher training at Baltimore Yoga Village and YoKids, Sina’s deep passion for human movement through years of athletics and study brought her to yoga until she realized it was much more than a physical practice; but a means to exploring spirituality and wellness. She believes yoga is a life skill necessary for the journey to self love and inner peace. Coupled with her degree in Exercise Science, Sina encourages alignment for safe and healthy movement to allow energy to flow freely within the body for a powerful and playful practice. Expect to move with the breath and focus your attention.

mina Mina Shahriary has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. With an early background in gymnastics, she was initially drawn to the playful and physically challenging aspects of asana practice. When she embarked on her first yoga teacher training course in 2011, however, she discovered in yoga a vast and powerful system for exploring the nature of experience, staying anchored in the present, and integrating body, mind, and spirit. In 2014, she completed the 200-hour Jivan Yoga Teacher Training at Baltimore Yoga Village with Anjali Sunita. Off the mat, Mina writes about strategies for optimizing health and longevity, studies herbal medicine, and loves to spend time outdoors and experimenting in the kitchen. Her goal as a teacher is to guide students toward an experience of ease, stability, freedom, and empowerment.

Stephanie Snyder infuses a wide spectrum of Life experience with her love for yoga into each session. Her classes are peppered with yogic philosophy and specific alignment guidelines to encourage you to step into the bright Light that already exists within your heart. In this uplifting, heart-centered practice, be inspired to engage in an extraordinary experience honoring the wonder of the ordinary both on and off the mat. Stephanie has been teaching from the heart since she fell in love with Anusara yoga 4.5 years ago but she has been practicing, in constant awe of yoga’s gifts, since her mother practiced with her in utero! She is filled with gratitude to be a part of the awesome Baltimore Yoga Village community and to teach you!

Neeru Takiar is a certified Yama Therapeutics yoga instructor.  Practicing yoga for nearly eight years, Neeru has a rich knowledge of  yoga and ayurveda. Neeru’s interests in yoga focuses upon a combination of vinyasa asanas, ayurvedic philosophy, guided meditation, visualization and pranayama. Her strong dedication to ensuring the health of the mind and soul allows her to be inspirational as she guides her students to release the physical, emotional and mental tensions that block the numerous energy pathways of the body. She encourages her students to be mindful of the yoga they practice – in particular understanding the intention and purpose, or bhavana, for each asana. Neeru also loves to cook and teach about healthy ayurvedic vegetarian food – she is always in search of new dishes that are good for a yogi!

sarah headshot Sarah Canter (RYT 200) has always had a passion to help others.  When she began practicing yoga in 2013, she felt how influential connecting with her breath and physical body was, for her mental state. Practicing yoga has provided Sarah with a space to learn more about herself on an intimate level; it has allowed her to explore both the light and shadows of her life. Yoga continues to reinforce the importance of being authentic. With a strong desire to share this gift of yoga with others, she went on to pursue her yoga teacher training at the Yoga Center of Columbia, where she studied alignment based Hatha.  Sarah’s found that with a special attention to alignment, it allows her to explore asanas from a deeper and safer place. Sprinkled in with asana, you can also be sure to experience the practice of pranayama, and meditation in Sarah’s classes.

Pamela Tanton has been practicing the Sheng Zhen system of qigong since 2002, and she’s been teaching it since 2004. Sheng Zhen means “Unconditional Love.” She is certified to teach by Master Li Junfeng, the founder of Sheng Zhen Qigong. She has studied with Master Li for ten years, and has taken many 10-day teacher training sessions with him all over the world—Germany, Norway, Croatia, Hawaii, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, California, Texas, and Baltimore.For Pamela, qigong is a beautiful practice that brings a sense of well-being, deep relaxation, and a feeling of connection to Oneness. But she believes it’s important not to be too serious about it either! The phrase, “Enjoy your practice, enjoy your life” is a cornerstone of the Sheng Zhen Qigong philosophy. Pamela’s classes place an emphasis on having fun and doing the movements in a way that feel good to your body.

“Mira” Mary E.Tessman has been practicing yoga off and on for over twenty years and started teaching yoga in 2007.  Currently, she teaches seven classes a week at four studios and offers private yoga instruction in the Baltimore area.  Mira views her yoga practice as the most consistent and potent source of spiritual, mental, and physical strength and support in her life.  Besides teaching yoga, Mira is a holistic psychotherapist and uses a mindfulness-based and body-oriented approach in her private practice.  She suggests to her clients: “Try yoga before Prozac; it really helps stabilize mood.”  Mira has been facilitating expressive arts, healing, meditation, and spiritual growth workshops, retreats and groups since 1994.

_GRJ9872-Edit Suzannah Kolbeck has been practicing yoga for 15 years but has only recently dedicated herself to diving deeper into that practice, completing the 500-hour teacher training program through the Jivan Yoga Teacher Training program in 2016 at Baltimore Yoga Village. She has extensive classroom teaching experience with middle school students and strives to bring lightness and humor into her teaching and personal practice. She believes deeply that yoga is an effective way to truly know yourself and shares that belief in teachings based on practical, applicable yoga philosophy combined with everyday life.

Elizabeth Tunkle: Studying yoga since February 2000 and teaching since 2004, Elizabeth brings fun and joy to even the hardest poses. Her class challenges you to go deeper both physically and emotionally as you come into a deeper life balance through breath. Twice she has traveled to India to study yoga and meditation and is inspired by the traditional teachings of yoga . She teaches a powerful flow focused on the breath. Like life, yoga can make us laugh and cry. It can stretch us to our edge and soften us into experience. Elizabeth challenges you to go deeper into that experience of life through deep breath and commitment to practice.

maura (532x800) Maura Roth-Gormley is passionate about encouraging people to dive into the flow of an embodied yoga practice. A Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200 hour level, she completed her teacher training through the Samudra School of Living Yoga, where she studied with master teachers Shiva Rea, Maria Garre, Shani Stevenson and others. Maura believes that there is a yoga for every stage of life and loves exploring the relationship between music and movement both on and off the mat. Her Prana FlowÒ: Energetic Vinyasa classes incorporate intelligent sequencing, safe alignment, and graceful movement and words to help all students feel embodied and empowered. Maura has now added a mix of aerial yoga classes to the studio schedule!

Kathy  Kathy Fahey’s students describe her as attentive, creative, and nurturing. Through poetry, song, breathing exercises, and asana, Kathy leads her students to a place of connection within the self and with others. She’s a strong believer in the power of yoga and meditation because it has helped her on her own path of healing. Her love of teaching comes from her desire to share a practice that has changed her life. Kathy is also an artist, musician, and lover of Ayurvedic cooking.Certified through the Jivan Yoga Teacher Training at Baltimore Yoga Village, RYT 200. Kathy is grateful to be teaching at a studio full of integrity and filled with a community she loves, a place she considers to be home.

 emily Emily Mullen grew up in a household where it was normal for dad to hanging out in a headstand in the living room when she woke up each morning; so you could say her practice is almost genetic. Originally yoga was purely physical for Emily, but as she delved deeper into her practice and into herself, it became more spiritual. In 2013, she completed the 200 hour teacher training through University of Maryland’s Center for Integrated Medicine and through the same program became a certified Reiki Master. Learning yoga and reiki together was very powerful, especially in understanding the effects of asana on the energetic body. Emily teaches with compassion; guiding her students to direct their energy, and encouraging them to play and find the joy in each asana.

 mary Mary Steinke completed her 200 hour  teacher training through Jivan Teacher Training right here at Baltimore Yoga Village in 2011 and a few years later the 500 hour. Since then, she has also become certified to teach VaiHayasa Aerial Yoga, Acroyoga, and has completed the Sarahpeutics 50 hour Thai massage training. She brings her real world experience of being a business woman, momma bird, world traveler, and devoted yogini to the mat. With this resume of yoga training + life experience, Mary enjoys working towards finding balance, compassion, and grace on and off the mat. She teaches yoga asana as well as Kids Yoga Camps  at Baltimore Yoga Village.

 nancy Nancy McPartland’s passion for yoga began in 1996 under the guidance of Moses Brown and Bob Glickstein. She became a certified Iyengar teacher in 1998 through the Columbia Yoga Center. In 1999 Nancy completed the Radiant Child Teacher Training. Also in 1999 Nancy had the privilege of studying with John Friend founder of Anusara Yoga and has been “flowing with grace” since that time. In 2006 Nancy studied with Kim Manfriedi and adaptive a vinyasa style. Next she studied with Jayne Berbasconi to become a certified arieal yoga teacher. She has been studying Reiki with Bonnie Tarrantino since 2010 and this year recieved her Karuna level in India. Nancy brings a skillful awareness of the postures along with the desire to help her students connect to the divine goodness that resides in each one of us. She has also been working as a psychotherapist for the last 20 years and often explores the emotional benefits of the postures, using Yoga as a means to mental and physical health.

_GRJ6511-Edit Dan Prives came to yoga in his late fifties after years of a life staring at computer screens and avoiding most things athletic.  Starting with a gentle restorative yoga class for two years followed by a class called “Bears Do Yoga,” before discovering Baltimore Yoga Village, Dan eventually found that yoga is available to anyone at any level of ability at any time in life.  He completed the Jivan Yoga teacher trainings at Baltimore Yoga Village and sees yoga as part of a lifetime program including poses, breathing practice, meditation and service.  Dan brings to classes a sensitivity and empathy for people with different levels of flexibility and experience in yoga.

After 35 years in the ministry, Gretchen was seeking a more holistic approach to caring for others (and herself!), an approach that would honor the body as well as the mind and spirit.  The search led her more deeply into her own yoga practice.  In 2015, Gretchen completed the 200 hour Jivan Yoga Teacher Training through Baltimore Yoga Village and the Level I Teacher Intensive with Yoga for Arthritis. With a passion for yoga therapeutics as well as breath work and meditation, Gretchen helps her students build transforming, sustainable practices that will see them through all stages of their lives.  She leads retreats, offers private instruction and small classes in her home, and is particularly grateful for the opportunity to teach at BYV, the community that has nurtured her practice since 2011.


Michael Juengel’s approach to Yoga is intuitive, creative, artistic, dynamic and interdisciplinary. He views Yoga as a complete synthesis of Human potential: Yoga as medicine, as science, as artistic expression, as embodied philosophy, freedom, and spiritual recognition.

It was the study of Zen, Tibetan Buddhism and Classical Yoga Philosophy that set Michael on his path to both practice and eventually teaching. He wanted to incorporate his study of the various inner Tibetan Buddhist Yogas and Mind Training with Yoga Asana in order to synthesize philosophy, meditation, physical movement and breathwork to complete the circuit of mind / body practice.

Adhikari Headshot Adhikari Sacha is a Mystery School Teacher most commited to inspiring people to go within themselves and discover that they are infinite, beyond all measure! She offers group and individual sessions and sometimes intensives on meditation, samyama ( directly experiencing everything without story), and chanting. As a licensed therapist(LCSW-C), shamanic practitioner, and Quantum Touch practitioner she offers healing sessions, soul retrievals, and shamanic intensives.  Her joy is living for the awakening of the planet and she very much feels this shift in consciousness is happening!

Mark Garner is an experienced Yoga Alliance certified teacher who received his 200 hour teaching certification from Yama Studios. In May of 2015 he completed his 500 hour teaching training through the Jivan Teacher Training at Baltimore Yoga Village. Mark’s yogic path has been an amalgamation of passionate pursuits coupled with a curious involvement with life’s abundant gifts. With an eye for alignment and an open heart, he weaves elements of art, fatherhood, mysticism, and humor into his yogic offerings. The lessons we learn on the mat carry us into the world with a loving awareness. Breath, intentional movement, devotion, and surrender of ego are the heart of Mark’s practice.

_GRJ8483-Edit Brian Daniloski has been practicing yoga regularly since 2008, when he discovered the life transforming powers of the practice for himself. He completed his 200 hour Jivan Yoga Teacher Training at Baltimore Yoga Village in 2013. His classes are slow paced and strength building with a focus on breath awareness. Brian believes in the healing and meditational powers of music, and incorporates that into his practice as well. As a touring musician, his regular asana and pranayama practice has been invaluable in maintaining good health while traveling. In his spare time, Brian likes to be outdoors as often as possible.
141120_GRJ2141-Edit Lee Halfpenny, RYT-200, has been studying, teaching, and practicing yoga and meditation for over 35 years.  Lee’s training in yoga began with Iyengar Yoga, which he studied at the Unity Woods Studio in Bethesda; he completed his teaching training through the Jivan Yoga Teacher training program here at BYV.  Lee began hatha yoga to complement his meditation practice.  He was in the first meditation teacher training cohort under Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, author of Mindfulness in Plain English, at the Bhavana Society, a monastic retreat center.  Lee also served as the Executive Director of Bhavana, working with Bhante Gunaratana, the abbot of the monastery.  Over 10 years ago, he was co-founder of a stress relief program for female inmates at the Baltimore City Detention Center, where he now teaches yoga and meditation to the men.  Breath and mindfulness are stressed within each posture and throughout Lee’s class.

 _GRJ5516-Edit  Atma Joti Kaur (Brooke Redgrave) has a warmth and relatability that invites her students to relax into their true identity. Her playful nature lends a brightness to the space as she teaches with a deep joy for serving others and creating community. Her life journey has been about seeking the spirit, and she desires to help others do the same in a supportive space. She has a 200-hour level yoga teaching certificate from JIVAN Yoga Teacher Training and has just returned from the KRI Kundalini Level One Teacher Training Immersion.

veronica Reclaiming one’s sacred self is at the heart of Veronica’s life work.  She has been working with women and children from all walks of life in various capacities for over 15 years.  Veronica holds a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Maryland School of Social Work, with a concentration in families and children.  She completed Open Space Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training in Hawaii and teaches beginning and community yoga and meditation classes.  As a military family, Veronica has lived in or traveled to 9 different countries and over 20 states in the U.S., taking with her all the best those people, cultures and traditions have to offer.  She draws from her life experiences, her years of education and motherhood, and delights in sharing what she has learned with others to help promote health and wellness in the lives of those she touches.

141120_GRJ2175-Edit Amanda Grant moved to Baltimore in 1996, and acquired her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Maryland Institute College of Art. She is a licensed massage therapist who has been practicing in Baltimore for the past 8 years. Because of her appreciation of the physical, emotional, and mental transformation which she has experienced through yoga, Amanda decided to train as a yoga instructor. She obtained her RYT 200 from Jivan Yoga Teacher Training at Baltimore Yoga Village. Over time, Amanda has developed a love of anatomy in all of its variations. Yoga, understanding of the human anatomy and a good sense of humor have helped her on this path. Be prepared for occasional spontaneous laughter in her class.

180405_GRJ0977-Edit Mary Leone (Devi Sopurkh) first came to yoga after a couple of back surgeries forced her to hang up her pointe shoes.  It took her a while but she eventually realized “Hey, there’s a lot more than just exercise going on here!”  That realization motivated her to complete the 200 hour teacher training with Anjali Sunita here at Baltimore Yoga Village.  One week after graduation she embarked on the eight month long Level 1 Kundalini teacher training at Radiance Yoga in Alexandria, VA.  It was through kundalini that Mary found her niche within the yoga world, embraced the “Happy, Healthy, Holy” kundalini lifestyle, and is now thrilled to share this powerful and transformative sacred technology.   Her spiritual name, Devi Sopurkh, means “one who experiences her divine angelic self by being fully aware that she belongs to the Infinite.” Mary believes in approaching the challenges found in yoga and life with humor, light heartedness, and laughter.